2013 edition

Mainly for fun but with more pointed pictures too.

This was my main homepage beteen 2010 and 2013. Much of the content on my site changes little from year to year but some features are updated many times a month. To access the most recent observations, Click HERE.

My list of short articles is also updated monthly (I rarely write long articles these days). And I also update my file of personal memoirs here two or three times a month

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Note: This site also contains a book-length opus -- a monograph on the motivations of political Leftists in three parts.

My 1974 book "Conservatism as Heresy" is out of print but is now available in full online here or here

I also host here a collection of articles by others that I would like to remain online for various reasons. Many articles do not remain online at their original source for long.


I have below on this front page a small gallery of pictures that I like. But there are more pictures "deeper in"

1.) I have retired the previous front-page gallery I had here but to access the pictures concerned, all you have to do is click HERE.

2.) And there is always the (tasteless?) GLAMOUR PAGE, of course.

3.) And some California toons;

4.) And some more ladies;

5.) And some interesting motor vehicles;

6.) And some of MY car pics are here.

7.) Some fun photos of bureaucratic stupidity at work are HERE

8.) And some Miscellaneous pix that I think are fun or interesting.

9.) And for a whole series of mostly news-related humorous and light-hearted pictures off my various blogs, see here.

Below is my favourite beach in all the world: Etty Bay -- where the tropical jungle comes all the way down to the beach:

And this is my favourite picture ever:

I think he must be watching one of the U.S. Presidential debates

Military Mom -- to remind us of the sacrifices that the armed forces make on behalf of the security of us all.

"Tornado" -- a brand new Peppercorn A1 locomotive built by dedicated British steam enthusiasts:

And below you see me admiring the short-lived Kuranda steam train -- an oil-fired loco relocated from South Africa. I have loved steam trains since my childhood in the '40s and 50's -- when great panting, hissing, whistling, pulsing black beasts used to pull in to Innisfail railway station bringing my grandmother Kelly for a holiday with us. And what is more majestic than a steam train getting underway?

A "Queenslander" seaside house I used to own at Wynnum, in Brisbane. Now sadly no longer there:

Yiddisher Momma power

Breakfast in Kenya

An African ambulance -- no need for screaming sirens

Guess what the creation below is:

It's actually "just" a salt cellar -- but it is by Benvenuto Cellini

A cheap Chinese radio below? Then why did I buy one for $300?

It's actually a Kloss radio, made in Massachusetts and with very good sound. But I bought it because it has only THREE controls, unlike the complexities of most modern gadgets. It is now my kitchen radio

And below we see that the age-old relationship between dog and human is as strong as ever

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Groucho Marx's second most famous saying is: "Those are my principles. If you don't like them, I have others". In that spirit, if you don't like this homepage here are two more alternatives from earlier years: Here and here


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