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Warmist Antarctic expedition gets stuck in ice

The King


Old chemistry set

Cliven Bundy does not accept that his rights can be erased by the stroke of a pen

Australia's former Leftist government at work

Real racism

The voluble Ezra Levant fights the good fight

Ukrainian feminists disrupt a Muslim meeting

A helpful guide

British elderly in a freezing winter gulag

They cannot afford adequate heating because of high energy costs pushed up by Greenie ideology

Hillary's clenched fists tell you all you need to know about her compulsive hate

American race relations

The unflappable Julie Bishop, Australia's Foreign Minister and deputy leader of Australia's major conservative party

Australian conservatives don't seem to have got the memo about their "war on women"

Lusintania passengers were warned

Australian Aborigine requesting welfare

Need for a gun


The inspirer

Obama's pusillanimity


The flinty Wendy Davis has has a lot of "work" done

The main promoter of abortion in Texas

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