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This is series 23 (January 2016 to June, 2016) of these pics.

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Bazza with Gladdies. The man behind Edna Everage is still going strong

Bigotry in action

Tamara Candy, Australian conservative activist hated by feminists

Australian Leftist students trashing Senator Bernardi's office

Muslim cowards

Stupid b*tch

Defence in Europe

Drought in Los Angeles. The only water shortage in S. CA is a manmade one

Active volcanic ridges under the Arctic

Officer Wasko, a Sydney police goon -- can't you see it?

Real choice

Pretty boy in his own words

None of those scum Muslim men are helping the distressed woman

A rare golden mole -- a blind marsupial but it's been around for 50 million years

She says she is an Aborigine

Leftist blame shifting

An "unprecedented" flood in Paris

Justice campaigner Renee Eaves

Misapplied rhetoric


A baby killed by the anti-vaxxers

He was too young for the whooping cough vaccine so died a painful death. Herd immunity that might have protected him has been destroyed by anti-vaxxer hystreria

Muslim frauds

You need to look at ALL the costs

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