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At a 2006 birthday bbq

Big sister June was there too

Celebrating the birth of a poet with John and Jill

Rugged up -- in 2008 at a 21st birthday dinner

Some haggis nights

A haggis night scene in 2011. Scotland meets Hawaii



Eating curry with with Paul on his 2011 birthday

Smorgasbord lunch at the Sofitel, 2012

At Joe's 24th in 2012

A verandah party

At the dosa restaurant

Dining with the men in 2010

A party on the long verandah at Simon & Tracy's place, 2010

Having coffee at Buranda in 2020

Wearing some ear-rings that John gave me, 2021



Icelandic corrugated iron

Icebergs and glacier in Iceland

Icelandic sodhouse


A house built upon a rock by a wise man in Melk a long time ago.
Is situated very close to the banks of the Donau (Danube)

The elegant school of music in Paris

Mons Meg is a medieval bombard located at Edinburgh Castle in Scotland.

My trip to Bavaria in 2010 did of course include a visit to Neuschwanstein

With June at Glyndebourne to see Verdi's "Falstaff", May, 2009

Being blown about at Stonehenge

All cosy at John O'Groats

The Chelsea flower show

At Stratford on Avon to see Julius Caesar -- June smiling in the crowd

In Darwin -- with some Aboriginal art

In retirement, lunching in Vancouver, 2016

At Monsaraz in Portugal, in 2017 --

Monsaraz, "A Picture Perfect Medieval Village"

In country NSW for the 2018 wedding of Kate and John's son Joe -- with John

The happy couple

My 2018 visit to Finland and the Arctic

Coming into port at Helsinki

My sightseeing visit to downtown Helsinki at minus 4 degrees celsius

Shelter from the elements for the small wildlife of the Artic at Inari

Showing off my Alpaca Beanie at Oslo airport


A verandah I like:

A man I have liked for a long time:

A good looking young man I sometimes talk to

A pizza cooked how I like it -- Italian style -- with thin base and thin topping.

An Axminster I like

Scottish tablet

Doda Burfees are good too

Portuguese custard tarts -- great as a breakfast dessert

Chateaubriand. A favourite for birthday dinnrers -- this one in 2013

A wine I like

A wine I have met once or twice

And this was a very pleasant revival while it lasted

A coffee shop I go to

A Japanese restaurant I like

Some Japanese food I like -- Vegetable tempura

I like chicken Teriyaki Don too

Another favourite eatery -- excellent Greek food. Since relocated

K& K's Austrian Konditterei at Sinnamon Park

"My" Toyota Prado

At John's army reunion, 2018

A photo I like:

I "saw" (and took) it in autumn 2008.
Click HERE for a larger image. It's a photo of John's "dogleg" yard

A mass of Crepe Myrtles in full bloom in January at 19 Longwood St

Some roses I received

A Moreton Bay fig tree, native to Brisbane.
They are magnificent trees and there is always an uproar if someone wants to cut one down

Bush turkeys.
You see them throughout Brisbane's older suburbs. Sometimes just strolling down the road

I like the agile way possums get about

A Turkish delight from Greece!

Some churches I have been to

A church I once frequented -- Ann St. Presbyterian

The church interior -- no pictures or statuary but beautiful woodwork

St Paul's Presbyterian, a church I know well

Another church I like -- St John's Presbyterian, Annerley

I went to a memorable service at Our Lady of Victories Polish Catholic church in 2005 --
Gregorian chant, young nuns in wimples, a magnificent ecclesiastical procession


A Grand Imperial Mason I thought highly of, sadly now deceased

I miss Zoe

A fondly remembered Toyota Starlet

A grand car I liked, a 1963 Humber Super Snipe:

A teashop I miss

"Mr Brown" -- a memorable Burmese cat

Some cassias in full bloom:


A gorgeous one-year old grandson:

My second grandson with his "big" brother:

Koen and Ethan, August, 2008:

Pix from November, 2008 below -- An Ethan smile and a standing Ethan with Koen

Ethan on a family camping trip in 2010: It rained

Koen & Ethan with their long-suffering dog -- December, 2010

Those boys again -- with their Dad

And we can't forget their Mum

Mothers day 2019 with Byron and family

Son Paddy playing his bass instrument

The musician again

Son Warren having fun

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