6 Dec, 1999

Peter Clyne

By John Ray

I knew Peter Clyne in the 70s. Peter died some time in the 80s but in the 70s was the prince of tax dodgers and wrote many amusing (but useful) books on the subject.

Peter was originally a barrister but had been disbarred for excess zeal in representing his client. So he took it out on the system by making available to the average man the sort of tax advice that only large corporations used to get from top-priced legal firms.

I remember once having a Cognac with Peter in his suite at the Sebel Town House. He was a short fat Viennese with a liking for purple shoes and the opera.

At the time he shouted me a Cognac, he had a solicitor named Zdenek Weiss (Yugoslav?) with him and I saw later that Zdenek ended up being struck off too!

One very good piece of advice that Peter gave me which I have mostly followed is: "Don't be too greedy. Always pay SOME tax. It keeps them off your back".

More about Peter here

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