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As I was in my late 50s. Not so good now


Over the period from 1970 (when I was 27) to 1990, I wrote nearly 300 academic journal articles, almost all of which eventually appeared in print in some form. See here for details of them. Some of them are still referred to by other academics to this day but by 1990, however, I had concluded that the two decade effort was not having nearly the impact I had hoped for so discontinued academic writing.

It was only the advent of blogging that got me writing again - in 2002 -- and I have continued blogging daily or almost daily ever since. What appears on my blogs is principally my selection of current political writings by others that I find apt or interesting, with a broadly conservative focus. I also preface some comments of my own to some articles that I put up

Most of my subsequent writings first appeared on my blogs so I am rather protective of them. In the early days of my blogging, I had blogs blocked by their internet host on several occasions due to their incorrectness. And censorship of conservative writing has become rather acute in the post-Trump era.

So I have always posted duplicates of my main blogs on a separate site. So if the main site is blocked or deleted permanently, the copies will remain available. Below are archive links enabling chronological access to those backup blogs. See:

Dissecting Leftism archive

Political Correctness Watch archive

Greenie Watch archive

Tongue Tied archive

Australian Politics archive

Immigration Watch archive

Education Watch archive

The above are archives for blogs that I regularly update -- 6 days a week. The blogspot archives of each blog are given in the side column of the blog concerned.

Earlier versions of this file are here, here and here

But below are links to the originals of my blogs


Tongue Tied
Dissecting Leftism
Australian Politics
Education Watch International
Political Correctness Watch
Greenie Watch
Immigration Watch International
Western Heart


Marx & Engels in their own words
A scripture blog
an IQ compendium.
My Recipes
Some memoirs
To be continued ....
Coral reef compendium.
Queensland Police
Australian Police News
Paralipomena (3)
Of Interest
Dagmar Schellenberger
My alternative Wikipedia


Food & Health Skeptic
Eye on Britain
Leftists as Elitists
Socialized Medicine
QANTAS -- A dying octopus
BRIAN LEITER (Ladderman)
Obama Watch
Obama Watch (2)
Dissecting Leftism -- Large font site
Michael Darby
Paralipomena (2)
AGL -- A bumbling monster
Telstra/Bigpond follies
Optus bungling
Vodafrauds (vodafone)
Bank of Queensland blues
GUN WATCH is now mainly put together by Dean Weingarten.

I also put up occasional updates on my Personal blog (backup here) and each day I gather together my most substantial current writings on: THE PSYCHOLOGIST


In addition to my blogs, I have also written a body of essays listed alphabetically here. They cover at some length what I think are the main politcal issues of recent times.

I rarely write such long articles these days but I have also put up a large number of very short comments on the issues of the day that are listed in a subject index here

All writings these days are rather futile if they are not listed by the search engines. One way of ensuring that they are listed is by posting on Blogspot. Blogspot is owned by Google and blogspot archives appear to be a part of Google's general body of records. So for a while I reposted copies of my longer articles on two blogspot blogs. See here and here.

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