FINALE for John Joseph Ray

My bio is rather unsystematic so I give hereunder the actual dates (in order) of some things in my life. Some dates are approximated

1943 Born in Innisfail hospital by the Johnstone river

1944 Baptised into the Presbyterian church

1947 Aged 4 with sister jacqueline

1953 Completed grade 4 at Innisfail State Rural School

The beach at Innisfail

1956 Enrolled at Sheridan st primary school in Cairns (part of the High School)

1957 Passed the "Scholarship" (Final primary school) exam with overall mark of 79.7% -- December

1959 Passed the Junior exam with As in English, German and geography

1960 Became a junior clerk at the Dept. of Public Works, Cairns -- 26 Feb.

1961 Resigned from the PWD -- 28 Nov

1962 Got a job as a shop assistant at Gearco in George St Brisbane

1963 Passed the Senior exam with As in English & German

1963 Became a communicant at Ann St church

1963 Met my first girlfriend -- Janet

1964 Enrolled in B.A. at U.Q. (part time initially)

1964 Joined Dept. of Customs & Excise -- 25 May

1964 Obtained a reference from Rev. Percy Pearson -- 13 Dec

1966 Resigned from Customs -- 22 March

1966 Enlisted in the CMF in Bris. -- 6 May

1967 Wrote my first computer program in FORTRAN. Instructor Gail Sonnkila. December

1968 Lived with Joyce Hooper at Rozelle

1968 Granted B.A.

1968 Discharged from the Army as Sergeant in Sydney 31 August

1969 Rented a terrace house in Wentworth Pk. Rd., Glebe, in Sydney. Joined by Henningham and Croucher

1969 Granted M.A. by Uni Syd. -- 23 Sept.

1969 Enrolled in Ph.D. at Macquarie Uni -- March

1970 Teaching at Cerdon college

1971 Became a lecturer in Sociology at Uni NSW

1973 Married Dawn Nola Baker, nee Jones -- 9 Feb

1974 Awarded a Doctorate of Philosophy by Macquarie Uni -- 16 May. My age 31

1974 My book "Conservatism as heresy" published

1975 Accepted as a member of the American Psychological association -- Jan. 30

1976 Decree nisi for marriage to Dawn -- 29 Apr.

1976 Marriage to Joy Lipp --15 May. My age 33

At Pergian beach on our honeymoon

1977 Sabbatical in Britain. Joined the British Conservative party in March. Visited Glyndebourne with Susan Brooks

1978 Did a survey in South Africa

1983 Resigned from Uni NSW -- Feb

1983 Met Jenny Lucas 5 Mar. My age 39

1984 Joined the National party, Qld. -- 12 March

1985 Decree nisi for marriage to Joy Lipp

1985 Bought a Jade Green Ford Laser for $7,000 from Jubilee Motors, Fivedock in Sydney -- 25 Feb.

1985 Married Jenny Lucas -- 30 Nov.

1987 Son Joseph born. My age 44

1990 I buy an Amiga computer

1992 Jenny left me

Rumspringen. Carol Ward et al.

1995 Decree nisi for marriage to Jenny -- 3 Apr.

1995 Met Kathryn Perry -- 3 September

1995 Married Kathryn Margaret Perry nee Dickinson -- 10 Nov. My age 52

1995 Bought a Daihatsu Charade

1996 First took out Jill Hillman-Marks, nee Tate -- 8 Feb. My age 53

1998 Son Joseph Baptised into RC church by Father Brady of the Little Kings

1998 Decree nisi for marriage to Kathryn Perry

2000 Met Geraldine Trivett. Details in para.rtf

2001 Started relationship with Judith Burgess nee Middleton. 4th.Sept

2001 Concurrent relationship with Judy Power nee Newman. Age 58

2004 Son Joe graduates from Senior at Clairvaux High School (November 20)

2004 Vacation in the Far North with Judy Burgess nee Midleton

2005 Broke up with Judy and met Met Anne Foss nee Rampton next day -- Sept. 1

2006 Acquired a 1963 Humber Super Snipe

2007 Son Joe graduates from UQ with B.Sc. my age 64

2008 My Toyota Echo stolen but recovered after a little while

2009 My sister Jack (Jacqueline Margaret Ray aka Ward) died of the family illness -- breast cancer

2010 Cataract surgery in one eye

2010 Joe goes to ANU on a Ph.D. mathematics scholarship

2011 The Brisbane floods. I was only indirectly affected

2012 I acquire a 1997 Toyota Starlet for $1,000 from Anne

2012 Admitted to Wesley hospital with kidney stone. On operating table within hours. -- May 2.

2013 (November) Saved by Vancomycin from nasty Staphylococcus Aureus infection on my face

2014 (early Nov) Joe moves back from ANU. My age 71

2014 (November 27) We had the mother and father of a hailstorm with quite a lot of the hail being bigger than golfballs. We lost power after a few minutes. Kate was present.

2015 Joe's GF Kate moved in to our place (July)

2015 (Dec 1) Severe diverticulitis, Fixed with antibiotics

2016 (30/08) Breakup with Anne -- followed by a reunion 3 weeks later. My age 73

2017 (May 28) My mental twin Chris Brand passed away

2018 (November 25) Son Joe marries Kate. My age 75

Anne and I at the weding

2019 (July) Diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer. Inoperable but treatable.

2019 (August) Big cancer surgery to remove sub-maxillary SCC. Emily Perry operating. Post-operative debilitation.

2020 (Feb 1) Joe completes his move to his new house. My age 76

2020 (Mar 2) 2nd ENT procedure. Remove SCC invaded lymph gland in neck. Chris Perry operating.

2020 (late March) Anne acquires a new bloke but remains friendly towards me. My age 76

I also want to say something here towards my funeral.

I want to be buried not burnt. And I want to select the hymns sung. You normally get only three, so:

How Great thou art.
Bunyan's pilgrim hymn
Jerusalem by Blake & Parry

And if a 4th is allowed the classic funeral hymn: O God, Our Help in Ages Past -- and maybe Abide with me

Although Christian metaphysics are to me absurd, I have had the great gift of being emotionally a Protestant fundamentalist Christian all my life. And faith is emotional.

For all my life I have dipped into the Bible with pleasure and understanding. In Gough Whitlam's inimitable phrase, I have been a "Bible-bashing bastard"! I have been much blessed in that.

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