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My full name is Dr. John Joseph RAY (JR for short). I was born of Australian pioneer stock in 1943 at Innisfail in the State of Queensland in Australia. I was, in other words, born in the Tropics, like my parents and all of my grandparents before me. After an early education at Innisfail State Rural School and Cairns State High School, I taught myself for matriculation. I took my B.A. in Psychology from the University of Queensland in Brisbane. I then moved to Sydney (in New South Wales, Australia) and took my M.A. in psychology from the University of Sydney in 1969 and my Ph.D. in Behavioural Sciences from Macquarie University in 1974.

I first tutored in psychology at Macquarie University and then taught sociology at the University of New South Wales. I taught primarily social psychology and research methods. My major research interests lay in psychological authoritarianism, conservatism, racism and achievement motivation -- resulting in over 250 academic publications all told. My major book was Conservatism as heresy, published in 1974 and now fully available on the net

At age 39 in 1983 I retired permanently from academic employment and moved back to Brisbane, Queensland, to concentrate on business and personal interests. I have been married four times and have one son born in 1987. My favourite recreation is listening to baroque music -- particularly the the music of J.S. Bach. (Click here to listen to some famous background music from that period). You can find some more extensive autobiographical notes here.

My preferred email address is jonjayray@hotmail.com


There is a list of all my published academic publications in normal reference order (i.e. first by name and then in chronological order and then by arbitrary a, b, c etc notations) here.

Because there are so many of my published papers, I provide three further ways of accessing them. In addition to the chronological list, there is also an alphabetical list and a subject index immediately following:

Here are twenty-three lists of my articles under various classifications:




Achievement motivation

Neuroticism and anxiety

Dogmatism and mental rigidity


Social Class



Analytical philosophy

A-B personality and heart disease

Questionnaire acquiescence

Survey research methods



South Africa

Dutch Follies

Critiques of other writers

Articles of libertarian interest

Articles relevant to Eysenck's theories

Articles using the "Directiveness" scale

Table of contents for Conservatism as heresy

The topical lists above do not at all however exhaust the topics I have written on. They are simply the topics on which I have written most. There are other topics on which I have written one or two papers only. See my complete list of publications (in order of publication date) for these.

Finally, I have also subdivided my articles in terms of where they were published. There is a list of articles published in The Journal of Social Psychology, a list of articles in Personality and Individual Differences, a list of articles published in Australian academic journals (including The Australian Journal of Psychology), a list of articles published in British academic journals and a list of articles published in political journals. Most of the latter are in Political Psychology. I had lots of articles published in other journals but those five categories are probably the most useful.

You can also view an alphabetical list of just my published papers. Copyright restrictions must of course be observed with the published papers.

There is also a separate list of unpublished papers. You may use those papers in any way you like as long as proper acknowledgment of their source is made and my email address is given (Jonjayray@hotmail.com). Any abridgments or alterations must also be clearly noted if the paper is further reproduced or circulated. Note that some of the unpublished papers have near equivalents that were published.

CLICK HERE to view Published papers by J.J. Ray that are online here (in alphabetical order of title).
CLICK HERE to view Unpublished papers by J.J. Ray that are online here (in alphabetical order of title).
(To download any of the documents, simply Cut and Paste)


The published and unpublished articles listed above were all written while the internet was in its infancy and were written for publication in academic journals on paper. Since then, however, I have written much that has appeared at various sites on the internet . Click HERE for a menu of my internet publications.

There are also two blogspot blogs which record what I think are my main recent articles here and here. Similar content can be more conveniently accessed via my list of short articles here or here (I rarely write long articles these days)

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There are also two blogspot blogs which record what I think are my main recent articles here and here. Similar content can be more conveniently accessed via my subject-indexed list of short articles here or here (I rarely write long articles these days)

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Note: If the link to one of my articles is not working, the article concerned can generally be viewed by prefixing to the filename the following:

  • Left-wing Fascism: An Intellectual Disorder
    Published: Tuesday, October 22, 2002

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    Published: Tuesday, October 08, 2002

  • Leftism and the Post-Religious Churches
    Published: Friday, October 04, 2002

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    Published: Thursday, September 12, 2002

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