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17 June 2004

By: Evan Sayet
After twenty-five years as a registered Democrat I changed my party affiliation today. Although it had been coming for a number of years -- since Nine Eleven in fact --I thought I would share with you why I -- and many others including sitting Senator Zell Miller, New York’s former Mayor Ed Koch and feminist leader Tammy Bruce -- now believe that the values that I hold no longer have a home in the Democratic Party.

I REMEMBER JOHN F. KENNEDY. JFK said "ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country." Today's Democrats seem to believe exactly the opposite. They demand that your government do nearly everything for you while, as a recent LA Times article reported, citizens are doing less for our fellow countrymen than at any time in our history.

I REMEMBER MARTIN LUTHER KING. MLK dreamt of a day where people would be judged "not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." Today’s Democratic Party has reversed this as well. They don’t care at all about the contents of one’s character -- be it their leading politicians, their books’ authors or their top artists. Meanwhile their policies divide Americans up into subgroups based on skin color, sex, religion, and ethnic ancestry. We are ALL Americans, no matter our demographic differences -- and this is only MORE true when our nation is at war.

I REMEMBER JIMMY CARTER. Some of you are too young to remember our last far-leftist President. What a disaster. Carter’s policies left America poor at home and feeble abroad. The economy was in shambles - 15% interest rates, double digit inflation - while our enemies stomped all over us. Talk was that America would have to "get used to" being an also-ran in the modern world while the Soviets expanded their empire, the Islamists kidnapped our citizens, and the Arab states jacked up oil prices not just in the short run, but for years at a time.

I REMEMBER RONALD REAGAN. Reagan, also a former Democrat, led America through positive attitudes and moral strength. He believed, as did John Kennedy, that lower taxes stimulated the economy for all. He believed, as did our Founding Fathers, that less government and more personal freedom was the basis of the American experiment. He believed, as did Franklin Roosevelt, that evil needs to be confronted and not, as today’s Democrats believed, appeased and even rewarded.

I AM PRO-CHOICE, NOT PRO-ABORTION. I believe that ultimately what a woman does with a life inside her body is her own choice. But true choice means having access to all of the information. Today’s Democrats try to prevent parents from guiding their children, doctors from explaining the effects of abortion even to their teenage wards, and patients from receiving proper psychiatric counseling. Today’s Democratic Party is NOT pro-choice but rather pro-abortion and THAT is not my position.

(Interestingly, while the leftist believes that twelve year old children are mature enough to make a decision on issues of life and death they don’t think seventeen year olds are mature enough to make decisions as to what soft drink to buy on high school campuses!)

I BELIEVE THAT AMERICA IS BASICALLY GOOD AND TERRORISTS ARE BASICALLY EVIL. Somehow my old party has so lost its way that they have this backwards also. The likes of Saddam Hussein and the vicious, corrupt, mass murdering, terrorist dictator Yasir Arafat are to be protected and championed while one’s neighbors are to be viciously attacked as "lying liars," members of the "Taliban" and "the ‘real’ terrorists" if they so much as disagree with their politics and policies. To me the terrorists are the enemy and my neighbor, even if we disagree on specific policy, is my friend.

I BELIEVE THE GOVERNMENT WORKS FOR ME NOT THAT I WORK FOR THE GOVERNMENT. While everyone agrees that society should and must provide a safety net for those in true need, the notion that I work to provide the government money for its politically motivated programs is just, well, un-American. The average American pays over 40% in taxes today. I wish to keep the money I earn and use it as I see fit and not have some bureaucrat three thousand miles away tell me that they’re keeping my money to do with it as THEY see fit. Democrats use our money to buy votes for them and that's just wrong.

I BELIEVE THAT AMERICA HAS THE RIGHT TO DEFEND ITSELF AND DOESN’T NEED FRANCE, COMMUNIST CHINA OR ANYONE AT THE UN’S PERMISSION. America is only America because the people have the power to elect our leaders (and remove them peacefully). Once that power is given over to agencies like the United Nations where those elected by others, or who come to power through vicious oppression, have the power then we are no longer a sovereign nation and the world’s "last best hope" is defeated.

I became a Republican today not because my values have changed but rather because the Democratic Party has changed. I still believe in a colorblind society as did Martin Luther King. I still believe in personally doing for each other as did JFK. I still believe in personal freedom as did our Founding Fathers, and fighting evil as did FDR. I, like so many others, have come to recognize that these values no longer reside in the Democratic Party of John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi and the other powerbrokers of the left.

Evan Sayet
Communications Director
LA For Bush
Canoga Park, CA

Ken Unger
Communications Director
LA For Bush
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

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