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January 2, 2005


Some background on the Dutch Nazi party and a copy of one of its posters (from 1941) showing that it was explicitly anti-capitalist

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June 5, 2004


By C.J. Maloney


A Call To Service -- written by John Kerry to "communicate his values, his goals, his ideas, and much of who he is" (p.XVI) -- reads as if he dictated it into a recorder while running from one meeting to the next. You have my assurance that Mr. Kerry is so enamored of his big Ivy League brain he feels it incumbent to take the workers' money and spend it for them; to remove their freedom to choose and choose for them. Adolph Hitler, one of history's greatest socialist leaders, once noted that "control over a man's wallet is control over that man's life". Mr. Kerry has taken that view to heart. Unlike Hitler's mixed intentions he, of course, has nothing but good ones. He intends to pave our road to Utopia with them.

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April 11, 2004


An email from one of my readers:

There is a monthly paper devoted to alternative healing, yoga, etc I pick up called "The Monthly Aspectarian". I love reading it because of the variety of ways the advertisers can deprive gullible people of their well-earned money. I always find a couple of articles to be hilarious. This month's winner was an article entitled, "How to build vitality and stop Energy Vampires from Draining You" (Energy vampires sucked the energy out of you if they were to near to you for too long.) Some of the better items:

"Here's how empathy works: The more people per square foot, the more our energy fields intersect.--- thus the tendancy to become overloaded in high-density areas." "Meditate. Sitting in meditation is a life-line to your center, to the earth. It will ground you when you've been struck by a vampire. ... Close your eyes. Focus on your breath. Then gently extend your awareness downward to strata, bedrock minerals and soil. From the base of your spine begin to feel a continuity with the earth's core." "Build an energy shield around you. When you're with vampires you can't get away from, visualise a protective shield of white light surrounding every inch of you. This lets positive energy in but keeps negative energy out."

By this time, I was close to gasping for air, (and a couple of people at nearby tables were looking at me wierdly,) but then I got to the byline for the article. The author? Judith Orloff is a board certified psychiatrist ... Dr Orloff is an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at UCLA! What more can I say? With people like this running the Left, (and too much of California,) we're in deep trouble. You can read the whole article concerned here

October 20, 2003



Progressive enough for Burt to be knighted under a Labour government, Burt's position infuriated rising social scientists and geneticists who abjured anything that could be linked to 'negative' eugenics. "Wouldn't it be great if it could be shown that Burt was really just an old fraud!" muttered one London educationist to Arthur Jensen in 1957. After Burt's death, closer scrutiny of his key work led at last to its being denounced as involving casualness or fraud, and bolder accusations of 'fascism' soon followed. Here, the eminent learning theorist, Nicholas Mackintosh, leads a hand-picked team of scholars in a re-examination of Burt's character and figurework.

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October 14, 2003

Comments on "Political Conservatism as Motivated Social Cognition"


As evidence for resistance to change, Jost cites a 1981 paper by Conover and Feldman: "Consistent with this notion, Conover and Feldman (1981) found that the primary basis for self-definitions of liberals and conservatives has to do with acceptance of, versus resistance to, change . . . ."

I have read the Conover/Feldman paper and its data show nothing of the kind.....

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September 26, 2003


My article on Front Page Magazine attracted a huge volume of comments. One of the comments was so thorough in pointing out how Hitlerian the U.S. "Progressives" of the 1920s and 1930s were that I am reproducing it here:

"Margaret Sanger's fight for birth control was really a fight for the instrument of two causes she championed -- sexual liberation and eugenics. In the magazine of her organization, the Birth Control Review the writers frequently insisted that birth control was necessary to limit the population of certain people and races, including blacks.

Here is a sample of the writings in this magazine:

"There is, first, the mere question of quantity of population, quantity of Americans in the world versus the quantity of Englishmen, versus the quantity of Africans, versus the quantity of Chinese. That obviously is a question of the utmost importance. If you have one race whose population is going down and another whose population is going up, there is always the possibility of race suicide ..."

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September 14, 2003

Why was a ship with German Jews sent back to Nazi Germany from the U.S.A.?

By Mike Richmond

In The Science and Politics of Racial Research (pp. 126-127), Rutger's psychology professor William H. Tucker informs us:

"The American eugenicists [such as Margaret Sanger] even made their own modest contribution to the plight of Jews in the Reich. In the late 1930s there were last-ditch attempts to waive some of the restrictions in the 1924 Immigration Act in order to grant asylum to a few eventual victims of the Holocaust. These efforts were vigorously opposed by eugenicists, especially by [Harry Hamilton] Laughlin, who submitted a new report, Immigration and Conquest, reiterating the biological warnings against the "human dross" that would produce a "breakdown in race purity of the ...superior stocks." While almost one thousand German Jews seeking to immigrate waited hopefully in a ship off the coast of Florida, Laughlin's report singled them out as a group "slow to assimilate to the American pattern of life," and he recommended a 60 percent reduction in quotas, together with procedures to denationalize and deport some immigrants who had already attained citizenship. For the eugenicists, Nordic purity was as important in the United States as it was in Germany. The ship was sent back to Germany....."

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September 11, 2003


By Mike Tremoglie

"I would urge all of you to read two columns (here and here) in yesterday's today's Philadelphia Inquirer. ( It was inexplicably delivered to my house this morning.) Then email the writers Acel Moore and Trudy Rubin, about their bias, their propaganda, and either their ignorance or their lies..... "

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September 2, 2003


By George Irbe

The 20th century will be remembered for the totalitarian monsters of various stripes who conceived, planned and executed programs of selective mass extermination of humans. I think that all Leftists, without exception, including the meekest of democratic socialists, have been implicated - knowingly or in consciously cultivated ignorance - as apologists for, or accomplices and abettors to the crimes of the totalitarians.

I am stating this categorical proposition so bluntly rather late in life, although I have been convinced of its verity for as long as I can remember being able to recognize the evidence, i.e. since my teens......

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August 31, 2003


Alfred Deakin was one of Australia's early Prime ministers -- beginning in 1903. He is generally well-spoken of by historians but his legacy in the economic field is distinctly dubious. My recent link to an article on his policies by Alan Wood has inspired one of my readers to take another look at him:

"Allan Wood's critique of Deakin's irrigation program more or less hammers the last nail into the coffin of the great Deakinite scheme Australia has been wedded to for most of the century since federation....... "

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August 17, 2003


By Terry McCrann

Does the heatwave sweeping -- and seemingly staying -- across Europe, signal that the dreaded global warming has intensified? .....

In the shimmering glare of Europe's summer one of our leading analysts of these issues, Alan Oxley, puts the topic under the analytical microscope. In his latest "Climate Change Backgrounder".......

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August 11, 2003


Email from a reader

"Bertrand Russell was not only a noted philosopher and "Peace" campaigner but also linked government-enforced eugenic policies with the usual Leftist ideas of population control and world government. Writing in "Icarus Or the Future of Science" in 1924 he wrote: "Birth-control is a matter of great importance, particularly in relation to the possibility of a world-government, which could hardly be stable if some nations increased their population much more rapidly than others.." Well before the Pill was invented, he saw 'scientific' birth control as a major factor at work influencing the demography of the West:


Russell believed the "pacifist" cause of world government was the only cause worth fighting for. So after WW2 he advocated that the US unilaterally attack the USSR with nuclear weapons to force Moscow to accept an American plan for the "international control" of nuclear weapons. So one is left to wonder just how much of his old authoritarian 1924 thinking continued to lie behind this icon of the peace movement.

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July 3, 2003


By George Watson

But racism, and especially anti-Semitism, is wicked, so it must be right-wing. That is fairly astounding, when you think about it. The truth is that in modern Europe, genocide has been exclusively a socialist idea, ever since Engels proclaimed it in Marx's journal the Neue Rheinische Zeitung in January-February 1849. Ever since then everyone who has advocated genocide has called himself a socialist, without exception. The Left has a lot to hide. In the 1890s, for example....

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June 30, 2003

WHY ENGLAND NEEDS A PARLIAMENT OF IT'S OWN: Responding to Mr. Austin Mitchell (MP for Grimsby)

By Phil Evans

There are essentially seven points made in Mr Mitchell's assertion that an English Parliament would be "disastrous". I deal with each of these below. I note with disdain that he does not say who he thinks a Parliament would be disastrous for. I can only assume that he feels that a fair deal for England would compromise the unfair advantages in representation and public spending currently enjoyed by the rest of the UK. So be it. If he's frightened by Parliaments then he's no democrat.

The seven points.....

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June, 25, 2003


An email from Gareth Young

John Reid MP, a Scotsman, has been put in charge of the English Health system. It has caused uproar because as a Scottish MP he has no say in how the Scottish Health system is run due to the fact that health is a matter devolved to the Scottish Parliament. It doesn't take a genius to realise that he is now in an English ministerial post when he has no mandate from the English voters - he was elected by Scottish electors. Effectively we now have two classes of voters in the UK, those that have a say in how their country is run and those that have MPs that are unaccountable to them running their country.....

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June 23, 2003

Sue, Sue, Sue: We are suing the wrong people

By Eleanor French Spreitzer (Columbus, Ohio. Email: Thinkaboutitnow@msn.com)

Our kids are too fat - sue McDonalds. No. Sue our inept government - National and Local. The people running Congress and other National and Local aspects of government are so inept and foolish and saddest of all - uncaring - they have raised taxes so high that the average family must have both father and mother working outside the home just to keep the home. No Mother in the house to start a healthy well balanced dinner meal at 3:30 in the afternoon.....

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June 21, 2003


An email from an Australian correspondent:

I think Malaysia's Dr Mahathir should be made a columnist for one of our bigger Australian newspapers. Maybe he could rescue the ratings of Channel 10's "The Panel". He is really quite entertaining, reminds me a bit of "Bruce Ruxton in a Songkok" (See here and here). Unfortunately, unlike Bruce (who actually fought for democracy and, despite what the press say, actually believes in a fair go for victims of racism), Dr M is certainly something of an incipient dictator. His UMNO party essentially dominates Malay politics and are quite happy to play the race card...

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June 19, 2003

Things are Not Always What they Seem

By Arlene Peck

What you see, is not always what you get. Recently, I was at a dinner party at the magnificent home of producer Robert Evans. The home and the guests were more than impressive. Every guest was a "heavy hitter." The crowd was eclectic and I mingled with the likes of Astronaut Buzz Aldren, Tony Danza, Suzanne Pleshette, Christy Brinkley and Tracy Bingham from Baywatch fame.

But the one I most enjoyed speaking with was the former Ambassador to Morocco, Marc Ginsberg. Nice Jewish man? Yes? I thought so anyway, until a few nights ago when I turned on FOX and listened to him speak about the almost 300,000 "settlers" and what an obstacle to peace they are! Mr. Ginsberg elaborated how "they" have to move out, and I was thinking, "Move out, and then what? Turn over their lovely homes to the rampaging Arabs who would rape and pilfer everything and everyone in their wake?" What makes someone like him be so misinformed and vocal?

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June 14, 2003


By Arlene Peck

I stare at Ari Fleischer and the national newscasters after each and every "suicide" bombing and I truly want to scream. Why these animals are considered "militants" when it comes to Israeli deaths and "terrorists" when they ambush and shoot United States soldiers deeply offends me. They are "terrorist" and the bombings are"homicide". I can't bear to listen to the semantics any longer. The problem is complex but the fact that terrorists cannot be negotiated with is a simple one! For some reason, Bush understands that when he's hell-bent on destroying the "evildoers", we bombed the beejees out of anything that moved in Afghanistan and Iraq.....

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June 11, 2003


Report by Ryan Thoryk

The presentation was by Michael Hirsh and was titled "Why America is Sqandering its Chance to Build a Better World", and took place from 7:00 to 9:00 pm (recording started at around 7:15 pm). Michael Hirsh is a senior editor for Newsweek... the leftist CCFR is the Chicago branch of the subversive, socialist, pro world-government organization called the Council on Foreign Relations, based in New York City... Mostly they are simply another one of the "non-governmental" world government framework organizations that I hate

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June 1, 2003


By Arlene Peck

It makes me crazy when I read in the biased news reporting how our President is "annoyed" and "disappointed" with Israel's non-compliance of his destructive" Road Map". It is fairly obvious that Colin Powell, Ms. Rice, and most of all, George Bush, are applying enormous pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Sharon to "fall in line" with their "visions" of a Palestinian State. I want to sit down and write something fresh and new. Not the same old standard about this "Road to Hell" warning. How about something a bit more specific? Like the "Road to Auschwitz?

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May, 29, 2003


By Arlene Peck

Gertrude Stein once said, "A rose is a rose is a rose." I suppose it meant semantics don't mean diddlysquat. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, sure as shooting, it's a duck. My leftist friends, the few I have left, consider me a "radical". I consider my way of thinking logical. If the road map to the sea is going to build a terrorist state around and within the Jewish state in its biblical heartland, it's a danger, it's a danger, and it's a danger. I even believe a roach is a roach, is a roach. So if describing as vermin those who strive for the demise of the Jews and who rush to bomb yeshiva boys and teenagers out for a pizza makes me a radical, so be it. Except, I just wonder.....

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May, 22nd, 2003


By Arlene Peck

I think I'm getting mellower. I used to think that there were only two kinds of people in the world: Jews and anti-Semites. For too long I over looked the "good Christians" from the religious right who truly love Israel. As long as they're not trying to convert the Jews, I am grateful for their love and concern. We need their support and aid in fighting the 'cause of the Lord!" Now, I have broadened my assessment.....

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May 11th, 2003


By John Ray

Let me tell you about the time in 1990 that I tried to buy an above-ground swimming pool. I was not bargain-hunting and I was not looking for anything unusual. An ideal customer, one would think.

What I wanted was an 18' circular pool (despite metrics having been official in Australia for a long time, pools still seem to be sized in feet) but the first shop I walked into said that they only stocked the 15' size. I left them to it.

The second pool shop I walked into .....

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March 5, 2003


An Email just received:

I'm a conservative Christian (I'm 20, live outside of Chicago in the US), and am under a lot of pressure at the secular community college I go to.

Currently I'm taking 3 classes; my English teacher is a Marxist, and my Political Science teacher is a typical Secular Humanist (he's mostly a leftist zombie except on a couple topics). The policial science teacher is extremely anti-Semitic, and the teacher in my 3rd class (Geography), is also somewhat anti-Semitic, but definately not as much as the politics teacher.....

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