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March 09, 2015

Is homosexuality a "Choice"

I think for some people it's not much of a choice and for some it is.  The point however is legal rights for homosexual couples --  and civil unions would seem to confer such rights without calling the union a marriage.

An interesting arrangement that has been suggested in Australia is to distinguish between "Marriage" and "Homosexual Marriage".  The wedding certificates would be otherwise identical but would be headed in either one of those two ways, as the situation requires.

In theory that should satisy everyone but in fact Australian homosexuals are apparently aghast at the possibility.  It shows that the whole issue is respect.  Homosexuals want their unions given the same respect as a normal marriage.  I doubt that that will ever be widely achieved, no matter how much bullying is used to pursue it

And to the extent that respect is the main aim, I think lascivious Mardi Gras parades are probably on balance counter-productive.  They rather clearly proclaim deviance.

There is also an issue over homosexual proselytism.  There is a lot of that about these days, particularly in the schools.  Homosexuality is presented as admirable and "cool".  I see no justification for governments taking any interest in what happens between consenting adults in their bedrooms but promoting an unhealthy lifestyle seems to me to be irresponsible and wrong. Just the very high incidence of partner abuse among homosexual couples should be enough reason for it not to be officially encouraged -- JR

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