From John Ray's shorter notes

January 21, 2005

"Homophobia" is a misnomer

I no more believe in persecuting homosexuals than I believe in kicking sick dogs but I am quite fed up with the way the Left keep banging on about "homophobia". Now that Leftists mostly admit that they hate Jews and don't send their kids to schools in black neighbourhoods, the poor old queers seem to be about all that the Left have still got to patronize. And calling homosexuals "gay" is the biggest laugh of all. They are not too gay in the final stages of AIDS and the incidence of domestic violence among homosexual couples seems to be enormous. For instance: "One study found 79% of gay victims had suffered some physical injury".

And the whole "homophobia" chant is about a myth anyway. "Phobia" comes from the Greek word "phobos", meaning "fear" and I have yet to meet ANYONE who fears homosexuals. In my observation, the thought of homosexual behaviour disgusts normal people (as we would expect it to on evolutionary grounds) but disgust is a long way from fear and even further from hate.

Homosexual behaviour is using sexual organs in an abnormal way so it seems to me simply accurate to call it perverted or deviant or queer but if people don't have a right to do what they want with their own bodies then the state of liberty is very bad indeed. So I see no reason whatever why their private behaviour should earn homosexuals any kind of punishment or hurt or bad treatment. And as far as I can see, that is overwhelmingly both the normal view and the normal practice throughout the Western world today. I do however have the perfectly mainstream belief that homosexual advocacy should be kept away from children. As far as I can see, some homosexual behaviour is innate and some is learned. So some kids could go either way. And all parents want the happiest life possible for their children so do not want them lured into a lifestyle associated with much unhappiness and loss -- including early death. The average life expectancy of homosexuals is around 40 years. And "gay men were six times more likely to suffer adult sexual abuse or rape"

And in their never-ending efforts to draw attention to themselves it is precisely that solitary taboo -- on exposing children to homosexuality -- that Leftists devote much effort to breaking. Who they think they are benefiting by it I do not know. But benefiting anybody has never been the real Leftist aim. They are such haters that upsetting normal people leading everyday happy lives is their real kick.

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