Index to my shorter articles -- Part 1

Robert "RWA" Altemeyer

Altemeyer is still fundamentally confused about "Right wing Authoritarianism"

Authoritarianism, Altemeyer and the Leftist mental bubble

Gross hypocrisy and Leftist bias in Wikipedia: The case of Altemeyer

Analytical philosophy

The vast hypocrisy of "There's no such thing as right and wrong" -- again

There IS such a thing as right and wrong

Assumptions in moral debate

Philosophical reductionism

Left-Right Differences on right and wrong

You are not as rational as you think

Postmodernism -- A much abused term


Some inconvenient temperature data from Australia

The late great Inigo Jones -- Australian long-range forecaster

Another confirmation: Unusually hot weather in Australia goes back a long way

Coal: Why The Fate Of The World's Climate Is Largely In Australia's Hands (?)

Methyl bromide: Harmless pesticide still used in Australia -- ozone "hole" regardless

Australia May Need to take in many Pacific islanders as their islands sink under the waves?

No wonder 40% of Australians have private health insurance

Whistleblowers Warn New Australian Immigration Laws Will Boost Secrecy In Detention Centres

The Australian Left has a history of blind pacifism

An interesting difference between the Left in Australia and the USA

Leftist hate in Australia -- a personal observation

What a lot of emptyheaded poop! Reply to an addled Leftist critique of Australian society

Is social class important in Australia?

Racial and religious vilification in Australia

The Asian influence in Australia

Alleged racism towards Asians in Brisbane

18C -- Australian hate speech law

How did Australia dodge the GFC?

What was behind the white Australia policy?

'Blackbirding' shame yet to be acknowledged in Australia (?)

Racism in Australia according to Peter Brent

Racism in Australia according to Michael Brull

Racism in Australia according to Susie Latham

A small reflection about the relationship between England and Australia

Australia's national cheese

House prices hurting Australia and nation's policies making it worse

Why does Australia pay McDonald's workers more?

Australia is a nation of white privilege?

Australia, we are The Lucky Country. So stop complaining

Opening up Australia's empty North to settlement and farming

An extraordinary outpouring of hate for Australia day

Are Australians still favorably disposed towards multiculturalism despite Muslim antics?

IQ and education in Australia

Why investors are leaving 90,000 Sydney homes EMPTY and thousands more in Melbourne

Michael Brull just does not understand Australia's day of remembrance

Did whites INVADE Australia?

Does Australia have one of the most unequal education systems in the OECD?

Eastern Australian flood events: a 'significant' rise in frequency, says study

Australia's First Modern Decline In Life Expectancy Due To Obesity

Is there an Australian race?

Australia's climate heating and drying out: report

Multiculturalism in Australia, success or failure?

Sexual misbehaviour in Australian universities is extremely rare

Australians do NOT have an "inferiority complex"

A Lucky country?

Is Australia Racist?

"I was born in Australia and I don’t want to assimilate" -- but integration and assimilation are not the same thing

Was Trump right in praising the Australian healthcare system?

Census 2016: Australia the world's least racist country? Plus notes on the Han

How Australia escaped the global financial crises of the last 25 years

Leftist hatred of Anzac day

How Treasury Dept. found that immigrants make Australia money

We're starting to give up on the ideal of Australia as a nation of equals

Social class in Australia

Australia on dark road to Fascism: Greens

Julian Burnside QC shows the usual Leftist myopia to Australia's refugee problem

Is Australia’s current drought caused by climate change? It’s complicated

Australia slammed for deporting Maori criminals

"Heatwaves" in Australia

Far-left activists have put up contemptuous signs at historic Cook’s Cottage in Vic

Why the Australia Day debate, and discussion about any other divisive issue, is now basically pointless

Australian Warmists spin like a top

Australian Aborigines

Who was to blame for this death in custody?

Does Australia lock up too many blacks?

Grotesquely high rate of murder and violence towards women in Northern Territory Aboriginal communities

Aboriginal and Western ethics collide

Aborigines in custody: "Miss Dhu" did NOT die because of unpaid fines

Australia should do more for Aborigines? If so how?

A case study in Leftist stupidity and refusal to learn -- the "stolen generation" myth in Australia

Psychological implications of Australia's 1967 "Aboriginal" referendum

Bill Shorten: ‘Systemic racism’ still exists in Australia as there’s no agreement about how the country was taken from Aboriginal people

Aborigines and bore water

Aboriginal IQ and visual ability

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