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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Breivik salute

Norway killer Breivik's repeated clenched-fist Communist salute has repeatedly been described in the media as "Right wing".

So Is Obama a right-wing extremist?

Background on the clenched fist salute here

There is NO Right-wing salute. Both the Communist and the Fascist salutes are Leftist. The man who invented the Fasicist salute -- Mussolini -- was a prominent Marxist theoretician. And if Hitler's socialist worker's party (NSDAP) was Right wing, it sure was a strange socialist worker's party. More on that here

Breivik of all people would be aware that the Fascist salute is with an open hand. So the fact that he chose the Communist salute would appear to show that he sees himself as being primarily a revolutionary rather than as any sort of ideologue.

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