Supplement to an apologia

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Supplement to an apologia

My great-great grandfather Bob Warren -- a picture from the dawn of photography. Some people say I am the spitting image of him!

My great-grandfather, "Frank" Ray

My formidable-looking great grandmother (Ray nee Holt) on my Father's side-- "Frank" Ray's wife

My father's father, "Jack" Ray

Jack Ray's bullock team

My father's mother's parents, "Young" Bob Warren and wife

My sister Rox as a kid -- the good looking one in the family

My mother's parents, Joe and Margaret

The stormwater drain outside 308 Mulgrave Rd where I lived for a number of years and where my brother and little sister grew up. They loved that drain. They are both playing in it in the photo

My father with Joy, my second wife

The church where I was a member in the '60s, Ann St Presbyterian

My backyard as it was

My 1963 Humber Super Snipe

A tantalus given to me by a sweetheart

My Wynnum house (now vanished)

My verandah