Looking back on 2020

Trying to extract wisdom from unlikely reality

Mostly pointed pictures about current politics. First the pictures and then some useful links

When Kamala was a black man's white moll. It really is her, without the suntan

Biden and race

The modern dream

A modern wedding in a feminist dream

The aborted babies speak

When men were men

An Australian miner's woman visits him at work. It's wonderful how much happiness males and females can bring to one-another. Can homosexual couples have such joy? Rarely, I imagine. Males and females are born to be attractive to one another. Male/male couples are not

Educational corruption at the University of Technology, Sydney

Trump the defender


A senile presidential campaigner

Kaitlin Bennett is a person most famous for open carrying a gun on college campuses to bring attention to gun rights.

George Pell. His Eminence has now been exonerated from the absurd accusations levelled against him

Wonderful Orang Utans -- endangered by food-freak belief in palm oil

Faggots, a heavily censored British dinner

The recent death of Roger Scruton (above) has brought forth a number of reviews of his ideas and praise for his determined defence of them. His ideas coincide well with Trump's campaigns.  Patriotism is once more respectable and Scruton could well be described as the prophet of patriotism.  He is certainly a British patriot and I think he defends that well.

Antonia Staats. She is a lady of South German origin who lives in London with her husband and two children. She is a far Leftist so openly has a lover as well as her husband. The two men are both epidemiologists and tolerate one-another. If she were looking at me like that, I would want to hang on to her too

A vintage year for Australia's white "Aborigines"

It is a peculiarity of Australian law which says that you are an Aborigine if you claim to be. That has led to quite a few people claiming to be Aborigines despite not looking it. Andrew Bolt was prosecuted for saying that some such claimants do so in order to access the special welfare benefits that Australia makes available to Aborigines only. This year's news media features a number of such claimants -- as below

Rene Woods

Greenie Senator Lidia Thorpe

Olivia Fox


Brooke Boney

Macaylah Johnson

Bruce Pascoe and Josephine Cashman

The Knight family

Leilani Clarke. (Bonus pic from Nov. 2018)

The stream of reports like this are amazingly racist. They constantly show that you have to be effectively white to be regarded as a high-achieving Aborigine

A real Aborigine


I write from Brisbane, Australia. I am a former member of the Australia-Soviet Friendship Society, a former anarcho-capitalist and former member of the British Conservative party.

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