2 August, 2019

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An index to a series of short notes about events and observations in my life from the late 1990s on. Note that there is now an updated and expanded edition of this file under the heading, Home page supplement

By John Ray

From the beginning, Australia has always been modern and up to date

Australians only have six commandments

Some history of the Peignoir

The Sydney Baroque music club

Beating the Bureaucrats

Burns night

Cake tins and poverty

Carpet and I

Chaucer, England's greatest narrative poet

Springboard to a new lifestyle

I know the poor

Amazing case: Single mother sues slimy cop -- and wins

Lessons from a robbery

When the (Rock) band stopped playing

I knew taxdodger Peter Clyne in the 70s

My history with locks

Why I am a libertarian conservative

The importance of a common culture

A Sydney floral garden

Dutchmen and electricians

My early politics

A Classical Education

Why I was once fired from a State government bureaucracy

Savings (frugality) is the key to having money when you need it

The Geneva Bible

My "Gifts"

Griffo's "Pik a hot Pak", the ultimate toasted sandwich

The mother and father of a hailstorm -- 2014

In praise of Czech composer Leos Janacek

In the Army

Recognition for a fine man: Paul Brandon, bootmaker

Why I like the "thirty-nine articles of religion"

I am a bad churchman

Gregorian chant at Our Lady of Protection Ukrainian Byzantine Catholic Church

Celebrating the feast of Christ the King at "Our Lady of Victories" Polish Catholic church

Innisfail, where I was born

Innisfail State Rural School

Dr Cotter, the local doctor during my childhood in Innisfail

My Scottish connections

A brief personal memoir of Scotland

When a model and a single mother defeated the police in court -- and got a big payout for police misdbehaviour

Cars in my life

I own a Tardis, A Tardis car to be precise: My 1997 Toyota Starlet.

A 1963 Humber Super Snipe (Series IV)

My ancestry

A small memorial to "Bluey" Ray, my father

The first "Frank" Ray, my great grandfather

My great, great grandfather's pardon

My brother gets noticed by the ABC

Did my brother grow up in a drain?

My gorgeous sister, Roxanne (Mrs Smith)

My recollections of Harry Beanham

Apologia pro vita sua

An autobiography

The actual dates (in order) of some major events in my life. A minimalist biography

A curriculum vitae from 1975

My vacation in far north queensland (August 2004)

My 63rd Birthday bash at "A Night in India"

My 70th

My 75th

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