The writer -- of ancestry wholly traceable to the British Isles -- and quite happy about that

A gallery of Australia's white "Aborigines"

It is a peculiarity of Australian law which says that you are an Aborigine if you claim to be. That has led to quite a few people claiming to be Aborigines despite not looking it. Andrew Bolt was prosecuted for saying that some such claimants do so in order to access the special welfare benefits that Australia makes available to Aborigines only.

In 2020 there was a rich harvest of such characters in the media. See below

Rene Woods

Greenie Senator Lidia Thorpe

Olivia Fox


Brooke Boney

Macaylah Johnson

Bruce Pascoe and Josephine Cashman. Even the pink man claims to be Aboriginal

The Knight family

Leilani Clarke. (pic from Nov. 2018)

The stream of reports like this are amazingly racist. They constantly show that you have to be effectively white to be regarded as a high-achieving Aborigine

A real Aborigine

But when the boot is on the other foot it doesn't seem to fit:

A non-Aborigine?

The media are quick to call admirable people Aborigines even when they are to all appearances white. So how come the guy below was not identified as an Aborigine? He is in fact a fairly typical urban Aborigine. Urban Aborigines do typically have some white ancestry.

He has been charged with murder after allegedly stabbing his girlfriend's father to death in front of his family on Christmas Eve. Garth Michael Reid is accused of killing Warren Toby, 53, just before midnight on Friday in the front garden of a home in North Ipswich, south-west of Brisbane.

2020 update:

ANOTHER white "Aborigine". There is NOTHING about the appearance of Kate Maree Cooper that is Aboriginal. But she apparently has some remote Aboriginal ancestry. So what? Two of my remote ancestors were convicts. Does that make me a criminal? Remote ancestry is irrelevant

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