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500 years ago, the Amazon basin was home to a flourishing native civilzation like the Aztecs and Incas

Some interesting prewar election posters (1930s)

Some fun mini-plays

Theodore Roosevelt and the "Great white fleet"

What happened when an American newspaper slandered an innocent man in Australia. He took them to court in Australia and cost them around a million dollars all-up

How an Australian model and single mother sued her State's police force and won

What happened to the Tasmanian Aborigines?

Some beautifully dressed children. Did any of them survive?

Did my brother grow up in a drain?

The strange ideas of Bertrand Russell


A puzzle solved: Leftist denial of authoritarianism

Britain's Stonehenge king may be Swiss

Female breasts and peacocks' tails

Confusing the leaders and the led in politics

Marx/Engels and Racism

The "naked" protest

Politics: one dimension or two?

A great Lutheran hymn

The great city

Latin American dictators

Peron, the Argentinian Fascist

Is the Ned Kelly syndrome dead? - some Australian data on attitudes to shoplifting

Understanding Women: An Australian view

Are we Anglo-Saxons really Anglo-Friesians?

Early Scandinavian influences on Anglo-Saxon speech

The Scottish Paradox

Sweden: Fascism in slow motion

Are Germans a "Herrenvolk"?

Master innovators again

Who won WWII?

Australia's pygmies: Predecessors of the Aborigines

What should we think of political moderates?

Leftist idealism and the Fabians

Anthropology: fraud-prone

Two great betrayals of the unfortunate people of New Guinea at the hands of Western do-gooders

Spare the rod and spoil the child?

Book review of "Race differences in intelligence: An evolutionary analysis"

Papers on moral philosophy"

My 2004 vacation in scenic Far North Queensland

My book "Conservatism as heresy"

Published papers by J.J. Ray on India

Subject index for my academic journal articles

Apologia pro vita sua

In the unlikely event than anyone is interested in the dates of major events in my life, there is a rough list here


"Tongue Tied"
"Dissecting Leftism"
"Australian Politics"
"Education Watch International"
"Political Correctness Watch"
"Greenie Watch"
"The Psychologist"


"Marx & Engels in their own words"
"A scripture blog"
"Some memoirs"
To be continued ....
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My alternative Wikipedia
Laughing at New Matilda
Dagmar Schellenberger is an operatic genius

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Coral reef compendium.
IQ compendium
Queensland Police -- A barrel with lots of bad apples
Australian Police News


"Food & Health Skeptic"
"Eye on Britain"
"Immigration Watch International".
"Leftists as Elitists"
Socialized Medicine
QANTAS -- A dying octopus
BRIAN LEITER (Ladderman)
Obama Watch
Obama Watch (2)
Dissecting Leftism -- Large font site
Michael Darby
AGL -- A bumbling monster
Telstra/Bigpond follies
Optus bungling
Vodafrauds (vodafone)
Bank of Queensland blues

There are also two blogspot blogs which record what I think are my main recent articles here and here. Similar content can be more conveniently accessed via my subject-indexed list of short articles here or here (I rarely write long articles these days)

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