Index to my blog comments -- Part 10

Psychology and the behavioral sciences generally

Following the general coverage below, there is a Special sub-section on psychological authoritarianism

Spare the rod and spoil the child?

Early experience, not genes, shapes child abusers (?)

On being authentic

Political attitudes are predicted by physiological traits

Abortion and crime: another invisible elephant in the bedroom

Advertising and the story of the Edsel

The makeup of the human brain may guide people's political views, according to a recent study

Anthropology: fraud-prone

Are conservatives less "open"?

Psychologizing John Bolton

Female breasts and peacocks' tails


Simplistic thinking in politics and the ad hominem fallacy

Do unhappy children become conservative adults?

Frank Sulloway: a very strange psychologist

A social science attack on that wicked voter ID

‘Happiness gene’ in brain determines basic levels of contentment

Can A Test Really Tell Who's A Psychopath?

Why do so many people hate Gail Trimble?

When will psychologists ever learn? Artifactual relationships, absent sampling and invalid measuring instruments still abound in research into the psychology of politics

Were the lying Dutchman's lies important?

The Secret Lives of Liberals and Conservatives: Personality Profiles, Interaction Styles, and the Things They Leave Behind -- a comment on Carney, Jost, Gosling and Potter

Roger Steare's hilarious attempt to measure morality

Haidt and the psychology of politics

Why Jonathan Haidt is wrong

Mooney the spinner

The importance of culture and American exceptionalism

Childhood TV watching and crime

The genetics of politics

Research on basic differences between liberals and conservatives

Political Orientation and Moral Conviction

So, who are the smartest scientists?

More on sperm-donated children

Stereotype threat

Social science findings about conservatism; Zuesse demolished

Dianne Trussell and human mating

Who are the bigots?

Teachers more likely to label black students as troublemakers, study finds

Sex crimes: It's not poverty after all!

Guns and crime in New Zealand

"Openness" and Facebook as a personality diagnostic

An interesting confirmation of a troublesome truth: Trust is highest in a homogeneous population

Connectedness and drugs

What social and medical science has to say about Obama's push to "desegregate" white suburbs

Hibbing on what lies behind the Left/Right divide

"Covert" measure of racism invalid -- the IAT

Duckitt on personality and politics

The psychology of conservatives. Some psychometric observations

Why we’d rather be at war than be alone: How humans desire a tribal sense of belonging that is missing from modern life

A young American woman detects that she is seen as "white trash"

The pill and Massey Ferguson

My life as an outsider

The strange way Leftist psychologists measure conservatism. Conservatism is NOT simply "opposition to change"

Is Mark Latham angry because of his own humble background? Do his anti-elite barbs reveal his pain of being an outsider?

Reading to children at bedtime: ABC questions value of time-honoured practice

The secret weapon to eliminating poverty — talking to your kids?

Do Arts Teach Creativity? Learning creative process takes more than a regular art class

Creativity and the Root-Bernsteins again

American patriotism versus German patriotism

A Stable Father Prevents the Early Onset of Puberty(?)

AP Style Update to Include Xenophobia, Homophobia, Islamophobia

Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?

More Americans are living alone after recession

Men find their 'bromances' are MORE emotionally rewarding than relationships with their wives and girlfriends (?)

Married Americans Are More Unhappy Than Ever

Who are Jordan Peterson’s followers?

The six-class system: dispelling myths of an egalitarian Australia

All phobias are not equal

Cognitive flexibility rides again

Our military: The greatest social engineering machine ever built

Those who do not remember history are condemned to repeat it

Facebook and conspiracy theories

Preventing domestic violence: There is only one way

Incels: the ugly truth

Boys are BORN cavemen. It's not "culture" or the schools that makes them that way

Australian psychologists are down on "Traditional Masculinity" too

Nationalism doesn’t have to mean exclusion

Your parenting style could decide how successful your kid will be

Emotionalism in counselling

Democracy natural?

Diversity, good and bad

The psychology of hate

The Republican Party has no 'bedrock principles.' The Democratic Party doesn't either

Social class in speech

Blinding Themselves: The Cost of Groupthink in Social Psychology

Why are so many clever, privileged teenage girls on antidepressants? They and their parents describe the drugs as life-savers - but HOW will they ever get off them?

The Pressing Need for Everyone to Quiet Their Egos

The Western mind is different

Having separate bedrooms can work for couples

Nadia Bokody: Why married women stop having sex

Most Men Lead Lives of Quiet Desperation (Do they?)

Is your social class holding you back in your career?

Is a meritocracy closer than we think?

Autism Speaks, and It’s Telling Others to Shut Up

The mystery of the Greeks

Infidelity is not always a bad thing: How having a romance on the side can be considered 'self-care' that can actually prolong a marriage

Are we destined for multiple loves? Millennials think we are

National Character and the Quality of Peoples

Why Do Men Date Younger Women?

An angry black lady

Another disgruntled black lady

Falling in love

Are "Goodbye" songs romantic?

Divorce: A better way

Why Seeing Your Ex Moving On Always Hurts So Much

Ethically non-monogamous relationships

A once distinguished academic journal announces its transition to a propaganda sheet

Sexual violence is a common peril with dating apps

An "ex" gets Royal approval

The Rise of Lonely, Single Men

The Capitalist Origins of the Myers-Briggs Personality Test

Plans to introduce a smacking ban on kids in Australia

Narcissism and Sam Vaknin

The Real Problem for single women in their '40s

Inside the mind of an incel


The contact hypothesis rides again

Issues in having many sexual partners

I am, damn it, proud to be English

"I exposed war crimes among the SAS"

The Culture of Transgression: Our antinomian elite’s war against tradition has become a war against the working class

Was Louis Scarcella a Robin Hood?

Explaining narcissism

The psychological problems among modern youth

Scientists find the human brain has grown by whopping 7% since 1930... but there are signs IQs have gone backwards in recent years

Do autism and psychopathy overlap?

Understanding the empathy deficit

Special sub-section on psychological authoritarianism

Note: My academic articles on authoritarianism are accessible here

My academic publications are frequently cited

Authoritarianism and threat

Does authoritarianism make you fat?

Appeals to authority

Jos Meloen, a Dutch melon head -- and a true believer in the Adorno unicorn

A counterblast to "authoritarianism" -- BOOK REVIEW of "Dehumanizing Christians: Cultural Competition in a Multicultural World" by George Yancey

Leftist projection and inability to learn -- the reinvention of authoritarianism

Even psychologists are now beginning to notice Leftist authoritarianism

Misunderstandings about the military

Conservatism and authoritarianism: A rejoinder to Zuesse

Why the Authoritarian Right Is Rising

Authoritarianism and the Leftist mental bubble

A puzzle solved: Leftist denial of authoritarianism

It isn’t "Leavers" who are authoritarian

Is Obama an authoritarian?

The American Left is as authoritarian as ever

Peterson on infectious Disease and Authoritarianism

Atheism Leads to Authoritarianism?

Fascism: Left, Right, or Neither?

The Conundrum of Measuring Authoritarianism: A Case Study in Political Bias

Allowing for Ambiguity in the Social Sciences: Else Frenkel-Brunswik’s methodological practice in "The Authoritarian Personality"

Is the myth of left-wing authoritarianism itself a myth?

Revisiting the rigidity-of-the-right hypothesis: A meta-analytic review

Left-wing authoritarianism: Hiding in plain sight

Race and racism

Play accused of stirring up hatred against the Japanese

Senator Lightfoot faces vilification trial

Andrew Fraser: Australia's unrepentant truth-teller

Baby racism

Anglo-Saxon pride

Black attitudes and black aggression

Southern culture and black under-achievement

Race in politics before and after WWII

Patriotism, nationalism and racism

Australia's pygmies, predecessors of the Aborigines, have not quite died out

Kin preference, Frank Salter and Emmanuel Todd

Race is visible in the genes

Racial preference as an extension of kin preference

A response to some personal attacks

A small anecdote and some reflections on race and culture

A Prophetic Poem by Rudyard Kipling

Are racists cuddly?

People from the higher latitudes of the world have bigger brains

Mixed race can be a good thing

Buried Prejudice: The Bigot in Your Brain

Group Pride, insecurity and the Left

An uninsightful look at racist attitudes

A small note on the Tuskegee Syphilis study of the 1930s

World Vision will not sponsor poor Jewish children

More on World Vision bigotry

Is Harvard a Jewish plot? And does it matter?

Mandela's motives

Race And The American Millennial’s Brain Rot

Are people who distrust troublesome minorities wrong in the head?

Multiculturalism is a racist ideology

Race relations: Are we more "enlightened" these days?

Does criticism of multiculturalists imply racism?

How your prejudices can dictate your actions in a crisis

Is it racist to distrust foreign doctors?

Scientists discover a way to reverse racial bias in young children. But how firm is the effect?

The Left are still obsessed with race

African studies

The psychology of prejudice

When and Why Nationalism Beats Globalism: And how moral psychology can help explain and reduce tensions between the two

Racism as a convenient but flawed index of evil

On MIT blog, black students say white wariness about blacks is racism

Racism or a realistic perception of danger?

High IQ people are prejudiced too

Racism and freedom of thought

Can racial discrimination be harmless?

If group differences are superficial, they will fade away

Why the vitriol about race?


I am fully in favour of my country admitting as refugees people who are in danger for their lives elsewhere

Race gaps in SAT scores highlight inequality and hinder upward mobility

Racism -- in the Leftist sense -- is normal

Were ancient Egyptians black?

Master innovators again

A Kind Word on Behalf of the Mexicans

What is a white supremacist?

Book Review: The Sovereign Psyche and black crime

White Fragility Is Keeping Racism Alive (?)

Is it racist to own a gun?

Boston: A Liberal city that is also very racist

Australia's Discrimination Commissioner assumes discrimination rather than proving it

It’s not just Starbucks: White fear is an American problem

Stop Talking About Race and IQ

Einstein's diaries contain shocking details of his racism (?)

The Eurasian mystery solved

A Japanese teacher exposes the deep dysfunction of American black culture

Racial attitudes are related to climate skepticism

Is America's Racial Divide Permanent?

‘Minorities suffer the most from hate-speech laws’ -- says ACLU boss

Black privilege

Fact-checking Trump's notion that white nationalism is not a rising threat

Race and Leftist mental "flexibility"

The song sucks': An Indigenous rapper insults the national anthem as he explains it why nine State of Origin stars refused to sing Advance Australia Fair before series opener

Race and Leftist mental "flexibility"

Heightism? Chris Morgan claims he is the 'Martin Luther King' of short people

Chinese-made condoms too small, Zimbabwe’s health minister complains: Rushton vindicated

Filthy bathrooms in black schools

How limiting are stereotypes of blacks and Muslims?

"Affirmative action" and law school

Stereotyping in action

Racism leads to war

Racial awareness is not racism

Merriam-Webster dictionary to revise definition of racism after complaints

Typical shallow journalism: race, racism and riots

What do Black Lives Matter protesters want?

Boston: Study shows Black renters, voucher holders face egregious housing discrimination

White supremacist, the new meaningless term of abuse

New 'Absolutely Shocking' Evidence Presented in the George Floyd Case

Why Racial Tensions Are So High in the Least Racist Society on Earth

Are all white people racist? Why Critical Race Theory has us rattled

How our data encodes systematic racism

Must not doubt weepy tales of racism

Caller on a prime time NZ radio show claimed Maori men are 'genetically predisposed to crime' and naturally do badly in school

Britons were black 'before these isles were British', says BBC children's show

The Chinese are insecure about their eyelid shape

Decision to grant Katie Hopkins a visa referred to human rights watchdog

Strange bigotry about red hair in England

We went to enjoy the opera but found it perpetuating racism

Sharing power with people of colour in Australia

Timnit Gebru helped expose how artificial intelligence replicates prejudice. (?)

The ADL Murder Report That Cried 'White Supremacist'

Association of Sociodemographic Characteristics With US Medical Student Attrition

Melanesian clubber tells The Project it's her 'human right' to have traditional face tattoos after staff refused to let her into a bar because of her ink: 'This is our culture'

South Africa: The White Liberals' Burden

How Anti-White Hate Won Open Acceptance among America's Leftist elite

Jews are still not safe, even in NYC

Group identity: Some thoughts for the new year

Why So Much Anti-Jewish Hatred?

Blackwashing: False stories about black prominence

Racism in Australian workplaces

In defence of racial discrimination?

Why I deplore Scottish nationalism

Consanguinity and miscegenation


Why we should cut Russia some slack

The history behind Mr. Putin gives a dire warning of what might come

Understanding Russia

Peace in the Middle East: Has Vladimir Putin shown Obama how to do it?

Vladimir Putin and the limits of Russia's industrial base

Why Does Trump Still Refuse to Criticize Putin?

In Russia, men are still allowed to be men

What does Russia want?

Russia: "At least it's patriotic"

Classical Music People are Compelling Denunciations of Russia

Other topics

Anent prose style and translatability

"This rather odd little German dynasty" That is the extraordinary description that Christopher Hitchens gives to the British Royal family.

The USA: A country for the little guy

The martial spirit in Sweden -- yesterday and today

Names, names, names. Personal names are rather an interest of mine.

Why are webhosts so ill-mannered?

A defender of hopeless causes? William Zantzinger

Is libertarianism an infantile disorder?

They're still lying with statistics

American exceptionalism -- and voting frequency

Google protects crooks

Cars and their buyers

Wonders of the North. A VISITOR'S VIEWS AND IMPRESSIONS (1908 article)

Henry Thomas Schäfer -- an ignored artist (too popular)

"The pirates of Penzance" as satire

A small grumble about place-names

HMS Pinafore and the British class system

A most incorrect opera: Aida at the Met


Iris pigmentation

Magna Carta lit the way

"Aida" at the NY Met: A most incorrect opera

Buchanan misunderstands China

Colors in politics

Dogs and humans as symbionts -- and the inestimable Razib Khan

My Alternative Wikipedia

Arty people tend to be a bit mad

The 1960s and the destruction of British manners

Scotland the brave

More Wikipedia arrogance -- and Anja Katharina Wigger

Population predictions are crap

Johnny Cash and the Democrats

The efficacy of gun laws

China and the East China sea

An independent Scotland within the EU?

Pedophilia -- and the word that controversial free speech advocate Milo Yiannopoulos regrets uttering

Can the acquired characteristics of fathers be passed on to offspring?

How bureaucracy destroys research in U.S. hospitals

Italians: Sheriff Joe and Silvio Berlusconi

Female beauty

Use of Firearms in Terrorist Attacks: Differences Between the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand

Stupid Spanish machismo bad for their future

The neutrality of music

US birth rates fall as deaths from age-related diseases climb according to the CDC's latest quarterly estimates

Betrayed by politicians

Gun Confiscation in Australia: A model for the USA?

Do firearm-control laws make you safer?

Black/white intermarriage

Will America have a debt Jubilee?

Retailers may be doing it tough, but you can't blame consumers for shopping online

"Trim Taut & Terrific" -- The Lightburn Zeta

A philosopher makes the case against free speech -- And I push back

Theodore Dalrymple and the underclass

The scientific allergy to the truth -- and the voynich MS

'It's absurd': Childcare is costing parents more than fees for exclusive private schools - with some spending $50,000 a year. It's costing $50,000 a year for full time care, and $30,000 for part time care

Brisbane ban on 'cookie-cutter' townhouses could be enforced by July

Advert sparks outrage after casting call rejects redheads and fat children

The Asian Century Is Over (?)

The dearth of babies and generational change

AG Barr on the invasions of Presidential powers by the other two branches of government

Why Art Matters

Examining surnames

Arts funding in decline

Eskimo Pie racist: Company behind controversial ice cream acknowledges ‘derogatory’ name

Big Pharma is RICH

Inside medicine’s culture of racism, bullying and harassment

Is peer review bad for science?

Trinny Woodall grows some breasts

A famous smile: Antonia Staats

Shooting a felon in the back: Can it be justified?

Death by cop in Britain

Japan Could Mix Things Up in the Taiwan Straits

DOJ to Limit Chokeholds, No-Knock Raids

A TikToker has claimed that interracial relationships, particularly between white men and Asian women, are a by-product of American imperialism and the United States' roles in wars

Confirmation that some people are born bad

Ghislaine Maxwell's sex trafficking trial has given the world a glimpse of her strange, luxe life with Jeffrey Epstein

More vaccinated people are dying than unvaccinated people?

Why is it still considered OK to be ageist?

The END of cash in Australia? Thousands of cash machines are removed across the country as banks go digital

Judicial tyranny overturned: Abortion laws will be decided in State Capitols

Black women could see a 33% increase in pregnancy-related deaths post-Roe. Why?

A disunited Kingdom

My academic publications are frequently cited

Assisted suicide in Canada

Internet dating is big on disappointment

The Finnish example

The Narcissism of the Angry Young Men

Notes about Belarus ("White Russia")

Rolf Harris

The rise of autism

The allure of surgically enlarged breasts

Forza Berlusconi! Silvio in Sardinia

Balneology: "Taking the waters"

Men marrying or having children with younger women is a big 2023 trend

Pope Francis Is Right. The World Should Ban Surrogacy (?)

Dating Crisis Fuels Marriage Crisis

Alabama hospital puts pause on IVF in wake of ruling saying frozen embryos are children

More Gen Z Women Embracing ‘Tradwife’ Influencers

Attentiveness: How not to retire from the mating game

Duck hunting season begins in Victoria despite inquiry recommending it be outlawed

The 20 questions every woman MUST ask to see if she's compatible with a man - by a woman who says she's found the perfect formula for love

Love thy neighbour? What to do when you can’t stand who’s next door

Wikipedia censors Mihael Darby

Meet the UCLA medical school 'fat pride' staffer whose compulsory lectures warn trainee doctors that using the word obesity is 'violence'

Good survey methodology

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