Index to my shorter articles -- Part 3



The big tent

Conservatives are happier because they are less angry

The latest "Conservatives are stupid" accusation

A conservatism hater

Are conservatism and racism indistinguishable?

Are conservatives less creative than liberals?

Another Leftist claim of psychological dysfunction among conservatives

Nigel Farage, the Leader of the UK Independence Party, gets the European Parliament right

Leftist psychologists prove that a conservative is someone who has been mugged by reality

ďTurkeys voting for ChristmasĒ. That's what the intellectual elite think of working class conservative voters.

Grabbing traditions that the Left have not yet managed to destroy

ANZAC day in Brisbane

Misunderstandings about the military

St Andrew's day reflections

More academic evidence of the importance of genes and the UNIMPORTANCE of your home environment

Are conservatives lazy thinkers?

Ideology and "what works"

DO PEOPLE BECOME MORE CONSERVATIVE AS THEY AGE? Comment on Dangelis and open-mindedness

Why Are Conservatives Happier Than Liberals?

Journalist Chris Mooney is feeling his way towards an understanding of the psychology of politics

Conservatives have the gift of contentment

The martial paradox

Are conservatives "Right-wing"?

A conversation about conservatism, race and IQ

Comment on "Inside the conservative brain: What explains their wiring?" by AVI TUSCHMAN

The genetics of politics

Are conservatives more emotional?

"Essentialism": A new stick to beat conservatives with

Are libertarianism and conservatism totally different?

A conservative vision for social justice (?)

Supermac: A true conservative (Harold Macmillan)


WHY do the old swing Rightwards?

Are Republicans more open to new product choices?

Are better looking women conservatives?

Conservatives Are No More Biased About Science Than Liberals Are

The natural state of affairs

Conservatism and authoritarianism: A rejoinder to Zuesse

Is Operetta the right musical entertainment for conservatives?

Avoiding that pesky evolutionary thinking: Surviving Yersinia pestis

Do conservatives have better self-control?

Thanksgiving, food and conservatism

Is a grateful heart the mark of a conservative?

Must not say that the poor mostly keep themselves poor

Scrutinizing Scruton

Why Are We Still Working?

Are conservatives healthier?

The poor die sooner and that's not because of anything in their environment

Bad research claiming that Spanking children 'does more harm than good'

Reflections about my forebears -- and "whiteness" studies

Hillary Clinton Denounces the ĎAlt-Right,í and the Alt-Right Is Pleased

The contented versus the discontented people

Taller people tend to be conservative

The relationship between conservatism and racism

Defining conservatism

Why the white working class votes against itself (?)

Are conservatives moral?

Australia's new political divide: 'globalists' versus 'patriots'

'The best country in the world' and Australian patriotism: Contrasted with some other countries

The latest attempt to "psychologize" conservatives

That Nordic beauty ideal again

Muscular men less likely to support social and economic equality, study suggests

Doing nothing can be good conservative policy

Do Republicans Really Work Against Their Constituents' Interests?


No, Free Speech Is Not Threatened By The Right

What I learned as a guest house proprietor

Shock! Horror! Conservatives are more cautious

Are there conservative intellectuals?

Monarchistsí opposition to a referendum reveals their contempt for democracy (?)

Attractive people are more likely to be conservatives -- because they have it 'too easy'?

Is there a conservative sense of humor?

Far-right views now mainstream in Europe: Warning issued after Poland blames Jews for their own destruction, Hungary declares that Europeans should not 'mix' with Africans and Croatia thanks Argentina for welcoming Croatian Nazi sympathizers

Why the Authoritarian Right Is Rising

A rebuttal to a conservative critique of Peterson

Is Jordan Peterson a conservative?

What Jordan Peterson Doesn't Understand About Religion and Free Speech


Alt-Right: Are Racists Mentally Ill? Some Psychiatrists Say Yes

Homelessness and the family

Freedom FROM

Sir Johannes Bjelke-Petersen (1911 - 2005)

Donald Trump

Leftist group releases video comparing Trump to Hitler

The Donald and an excerpt from a Left/anarchist conspiracy theory

Donald Trump: Personality versus policy in winning elections

A psychological attack on Trump supporters!

The Left are amusing: The "authoritarianism" explanation for Trump support

Trumpís voters arenít authoritarians, new research says. So what are they?

Is Trump like Hitler?

Trump and the Jews

An Authoritarian-in-chief? Jeff Jacoby says that Trump is not fit for the Presidency.

Is Trump just another Fascist?

Does RACISM explain the rise of Donald Trump?

In defence of Trump's trade policies

Trump and his critics. Article from a libertarian perspective

Is Trump just another Fascist?

Trump, Nazism and the Overton window

Why Trump prevailed despite the cloud of sexual assault accusations over him: Feminist misconceptions

Is Trump antiscience?

Mr Trump's manner of speaking

The "majority of the popular vote" myth

Scientific proof that Trump voters are racist?

Infrastructure: The latest anti-Trump propaganda from the NYT

Is President Trump our Messiah?

Seeds of fascism sprout anew in Trumpís America (?)

"Daddy's girl" in the era of Trump

Yale historian warns Trumpís rise perfectly mirrors frightening ascent of Fascism and Nazis in the 1930s

Donald Trump and How America Lost Its Mind

New Zealand gets its own Donald Trump

Trump coins show that Trump widens the range of the possible

Trump and Christianity

Trump plays the race card yet again by targeting affirmative action on campus (?)

Unemployment under Trump

Fascism 'goes unnoticed until it's too late': Albright sounds dire warning on Trump

Ex-Treasury secretary compares Trump to Mussolini

Donald Trumpís Mommy Issues

Trump and conspiracy theories

Let me try my hand at prophecy: About Mr. Trump's Emergency declaration

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