Index to John Ray's shorter articles -- Part 5

Environmentalism and Global warming

NOTE: After the general listing below are specific listings on eight topics under the headings:

* The ozone layer
* Air pollution
* Are we running out of things?
* Particular years
* Sea Levels
* "Psychologizing" climate skeptics
* Arctica and Antarctica (Including Greenland)
* Australia's Great Barrier Reef

Warmism as the folly of the intellectuals

There is no lid on the greenhouse

Pick your proxy. What do we conclude when temperature proxies contradict both one another and real-world data?

The "skeptics" are "hiding the decline" too

Climate variability and the sun: The "harder" the data, the stronger is the demonstrated connection between variations in the two

Greenhouse theory: Is there a greenhouse effect and does it matter?

The credulous "Skeptical Inquirers" are hiding the decline too

An outraged philosopher: DONALD A BROWN

Warmism in theory and in practice

The latest survey cookery (Verheggen, Cook, et al.) by Warmists is worthless

Ya gotta laugh: Those significant hundredths of one degree

Kidney stone nonsense demolished

Forgive me while I laugh -- at Obama's climate "report"

A naive survey

Warmist proud of censoring dissent

Climate "science" as medieval theology

The documentary "Merchants of Doubt"

The Wunsch/Lloyd controversy and the ocean deeps

Naughty Naomi gives us a lesson in statistics

Naomi Oreskes: We Greenies are not NIMBYs

The ocean acidification fraud

Leftist fantasies don't change much -- Greenie successors to Hitler

Ronald Bailey: What Evidence Would Persuade You That Man-Made Climate Change Is Real?

Those good ol' hundredths of a degree again -- in the Central England Temperature record

Cannes festival film about ice-core expert aimed at saving the planet

Predictions of climate doom scaled back

Infantile Greenies and the "threatened" future of a pretty Tasmanian parrot

Pretty pictures: The attention-seekers and people-haters never stop

Another Green/Left conspiracy theory

Halfway to Hell: Global Temperatures Hit Critical Point, Warn Scientists (!)

Warmist idiot Mark Hertsgaard proven to be a false prophet

Thomas R. Karl et al. prove that the globe is warming -- by fiddling the sea surface temperature record

Another attack on refrigeration and airconditioning

How Amusing! A Warmist attack on Prof. Judith Curry that is totally lacking in substance

The Warmists have no shame: Claim warmth is bad for your health

Moron-talk: Global warming plays havoc with Auburn cherry blossom festival (?)

Glacial retreat suggests COOLING

Another Greenie romanticizer of primitive life

I am still a skeptic

Scientific Reaction to Velikovsky - Symptomatic of Climate Science Debacle

Behold a silly little lady who has drunk the Kool-Aid: Hates coal

Unscientific ecofascist, Alan Betts, just KNOWS the truth

Elevated CO2 Levels Directly Affect Human Cognition, New Harvard Study Shows (?)

Crocodile baloney

How can global warming be a hoax when most important people everywhere in the world accept it? Surely they can't all be wrong?

Folksy old Bill Nye, the non-science guy is an ecofascist

Plankton and global warming: Another big crock of the brown stuff

Tom Whipple. A moderate Warmist?

The evils of land clearing

Are high CO2 levels preventing a new ice age?

Can a few degrees of global temperature change make a big difference?

NASA says that burning hydrocarbons COOLs the earth

How reliable are satellite temperature measurements?

Warmists are not the only secretive scientists

Warmists and the decline in trust of science: The flat earth movement

Crepe Myrtles and climate cooling

NASA study shows worst drought in 900 years may be behind Middle East upheaval

The third attempt to erase the global warming "hiatus"

That dreaded land clearing again

Open access to research data

The unreplicable Naomi Oreskes

Is the world really warming up? Planet may be no hotter at the end of the century than it is now, claims new report using a statistical approach

The causality of CO2 and global warming

Water vapor: Al Gore is still making it up as he goes along

The 20th century does NOT show a smoothly rising temperature

Fracking, methane and Bill McKibben

Will plants' response to increased CO2 make heatwaves more intense than thought?

An attempt to wriggle out of the pesky timing of past CO2 spikes

Uncovering the Corporate Influence Over Climate Change

Would global warming increase both flooding AND drought?

Camera traps show animals have reclaimed Chernobyl's radioactive wasteland 30 years after the disaster -- and are in good health

Do Warmists actually think? Mismatch between CO2 and temperature changes

The latest Warmist scare: Oxygen deprivation

Extreme weather events have NOT become more frequent in recent times

Earth's clouds are shifting towards its poles

Now it's mangroves (persongroves?) that are affected by global warming

Australian melomys rodent the first mammal driven to extinction by climate change, researchers say

Microparticles. The latest environmental scare

Upper atmosphere cooling, CO2 and bluish sunsets

Does WiFi rot your brain?

Should We Be Having Kids In The Age Of Climate Change?

Greenie fantasies about power kill babies

How can we call something a thousand-year storm if we don’t have a thousand years of climate observations?

Media footshooting and an amusing exercise in guilt by association

The Macassar tyranny

It's not the oceans wot did it

An Australian dream that is a Greenie nightmare

German Greenies turn German water supply brown

Central England Temperatures 1659-2016 show no trend

There was NO "hiatus" in global warming -- but only if you include El Nino

PROOF of global warming(!)

John Cook as a crook psychologist

Juan Cole breathes out poison gas

Russian Scientists: Greenhouse Gas Theory Dead, Global Cooling Coming

Cold Comfort from Ice Core Records of Climate

Oceans are at the 'edge' of losing all oxygen: Event could lead to mass sea life extinction that will last a MILLION years

What's Wrong With the Claim That '97% of Climate Scientists Agree' About Global Warming?

The "adjustments" to the temperature record never cease

A Greenie airhead addresses robotics!

Elon Musk. Doom ahead?

A crude straight line pushed through the data may have its uses but it can also mask important changes

Elon Musk fears a shrinking world population

A Warmist resorts to blatant lies -- misrepresenting the "97%" findings of John Cook

An amusing bit of Warmist "research" -- flood timing

The vanishing underwater forests: Researchers say climate change is killing off huge amounts of kelp across the globe

Climate Change Is Driving These Cute Mountain Critters Out of Their Homes

Amusing: Warmists outdo 20th century dictators

Surf Life Saving Queensland boss says swimmers not safe from crocodile attack

The downfall of temperature proxies

Increased storminess is associated with global COOLING

Catastrophic warning about the fate of humanity is given by 15,000 scientists who claim human destruction of the natural world will lead to 'misery' and an 'irretrievably mutilated' planet

One step closer for Kidston solar and pumped hydro generator

Australia's lush street trees face grave threat if emissions keep rising (?)

The Lancet Countdown on health and climate change

How can so many people be so wrong?

"Nature", the international journal of non-science, says it can prove global warming is behind recent big storms

Surprise, surprise! Climate skeptics don't think polar bears are doomed!

African drought: Global warming creating child brides (!)

Crocodiles: Conservative Australian politician versus "experts"

George Monbiot as a neo-Nazi

Blue Planet 2: David Attenborough grieved by plastic pollution in the oceans

Exhaustive study exonerates Roundup weedkiller

Global warming is bad for your health: Scare 902176

Cold Facts on the Globe’s Hottest Years

Michael Mann says bitter cold is consistent with global warming

The truly alarming scale of the global ocean plastic crisis laid bare by Britain's Storm Eleanor

The very real climate crisis at the North Pole(?)

The Bottom of the Ocean Is Sinking

Pollution hysteria in a medical journal

The NYT resurrects lake Poopo again

Men Resist Green Behavior as Unmanly

World's coral reefs face new peril from beneath within decades (?)

Shocking satellite images show how the world's lakes are shrinking at an alarming rate and turning to dust bowls

Townsville is NOT dry because of global warming

A climate quiz

Global warming nonsense in a leading medical journal

Climate study shows Sahara getting bigger

The evolution of global warming theory

Where have all the babies gone?

Groundbreaking assessment of all life on Earth reveals humanity’s surprisingly tiny part in it as well as our disproportionate impact

More childish propaganda from the NYT

BIG GREEN: "Green" donors have spent half a trillion dollars since 2010 on pushing their beliefs.

Sir David Attenborough: Climate change 'our greatest threat'

Long lost cities in the Amazon were once home to millions of people

Climate science requires acceptance, not belief or full understanding: Climate change is like gravity, only accessible to lay-people at the top levels (?)

Does a "green" environment prevent mental illness?

Hormesis: How a scientist's disputed views about pollution may change EPA

The five ways the human race could be WIPED OUT because of global warming

How to Have a Useful Conversation About Climate Change in 11 Steps

Climate change denial is becoming explicitly racist and more sexist (?)

Global warming is beneficial: The NYT says so

Our fight against climate change will be hopeless unless we choose to have smaller families (?)

‘We are in a crisis’: Australia’s recycling nightmare (?)

Will global warming endanger the U.S. corn belt, a key source of calories for the growing global population (?)

What Trump's new ethanol rules mean for you

How Dengue Could Spread in a Warming World

‘Frightening’ number of plant extinctions found in global survey. Study shows 571 species wiped out, and scientists say figure is likely to be big underestimate

More contrail panic

Warmist woman sees things that are not there

The terrible truth of climate change (?)

More contrail panic

Charming Chalmers: Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden has a Centre for Studies of Climate Change Denialism

The Misogyny of Climate Deniers (?)

Warnings over ‘carbon bomb’ Amazon’s dangerous tipping point. The Amazon rainforest is dangerously close to an irreversible tipping point and should be described as a “carbon bomb” we need to avoid going off (?)

Ronald Bailey has gone over to the Dark side

EPA wants research data to be readily available

When Green/Left dam-hatred killed dozens of people and caused billions of dollars of flood damage

Next decade is crucial in combating declining ocean oxygen levels which are threatening sealife and could 'jeopardise humankind', experts warn

The Climate Crisis Is Now Detectable in Every Single Day of Weather Across The Planet

The Queensland desalination project

2019 was Australia's hottest year on record – so is global warming behind the fires?

The science behind climate change and its impact on bushfires (?)

Fraudulent claims about French wine

When a poet is a better prophet than the prophets

Plastic pollution. Is recycling the answer?

Scott Morrison told to act on Greenie ‘lawfare’

A conservative Climate Change policy?

Bikes are bad for economic growth

BBC One viewers left 'terrified' by Sir David Attenborough's new documentary Extinction: The Facts

Wildlife populations have declined by 68% since 1970—and it’s humanity’s fault

Those cooling trees

Greenie exhibitionists let off lightly

Firms plan $1bn batteries for NSW power plants

The revolutionary green technology using old car tyres to make steel

Families forced to eat locusts as Madagascar famine deepens

Australia needs a ‘clear plan’ for net zero to avoid energy crisis

Queensland water utility wins appeal against 2011 flood damages ruling

Climate change is causing ‘catastrophic harm to health’ and action to tackle it cannot be put off because of Covid, medical journals warn

Climate change deniers are as slippery as those who justified the slave trade

What corals can tell us about climate change

$464 million in grants to kickstart hydrogen industry

Personal carbon allowances revisited

Is "renewable" electricity now economical?

Weather disaster-related deaths are down admit Greenies

Reaching global climate deal will be tough, graph shows

Perth's October rainfall record broken after storm moves over west coast, bringing hail

Europe’s Climate Target for 2050: An Assessment

Climate change affects the ability of fish to form tight, defensive schools, leaving them more vulnerable to predators, scientists say

The green year

A liquid hydrogen-powered plane is being developed in an attempt to operate non-stop zero carbon transatlantic flights

Perth's October rainfall record broken after storm moves over west coast, bringing hail

The cheap, green, low-tech solution for the world’s megacities

Europe looks to Australia for green hydrogen amid energy crisis

Temperature extremes: it’s cold South of the Equator

The Ivanpah debacle

More PFAS excitement

The "extreme events" issue

Controversial study suggesting ozone hole isn't recovering is skewed by bad data, experts say

Insect apocalypse: Call to restrict pesticide ‘more toxic than DDT’

Another pathetic PFAS study


Subsection: The ozone layer

The Ozone Layer Is Repairing Itself, Affecting Wind Flows

Some amusing non-news about ozone

The great ozone embarrassment

Is the ozone "hole" shrinking at last?

Greenie study comes to some awkward conclusions

Biden administration takes aim at refrigeration gas

Ozone hole three times the size of Greenland opens over the North Pole

Concentrated solar thermal power touted as part of Australia's clean energy future

Subsection: Air pollution

Why do we hear nothing from the Greenies about Third World cooking fires?

Motor vehicles and particulate pollution

Dangerous air pollution from coal-fired power stations in Australia?

An attempt to prop up an EPA obsession. Does fine dust kill you?

Air pollution delays the age girls start their periods and makes their menstrual cycles more irregular, according to a study

Polluted air may pollute our morality

Air pollution scare debunked

Air pollution can send you mad! Linked to psychotic episodes in teens

Air pollution is BAD for you -- particularly your heart -- EU study

That wicked air pollution again: Veterans study

Smoke from Australia's bushfires killed far more people than the fires did, study says

Trump officials reject stricter air quality standards, despite link between air pollution, coronavirus risks

Opec faces a mortal threat from electric cars (!)

Barriers to mass adoption of electric cars

Tesla becomes the most valuable US car maker of all time with a market value of $81.39billion - surpassing Ford Motor's peak of $80.81billion set in 1999

Tesla owners in Alaska and Canada say car heating systems are failing

The old air pollution boogeyman rides again

Subsection: Are we running out of things?

Climate change will allegedly make food TASTE bad: Global warming will lead to tougher meat and flavourless carrots (?)

"Food security" -- wotta lotta ...

Here we go again: Foods That May Disappear Thanks to Climate Change

Will global warming kill off our pine trees?

This food shortage BS never stops

Organic farming 'could be key to feeding the world!

NYT says Hitler was right! Predicts disastrous food shortages

New crop varieties 'can't keep up with global warming'

Australian Report Predicts Global Coffee Shortage Will Get Worse

Western Australia’s catastrophic forest collapse

Unrestrained romanticism is not dead: Food nonsense

Will we run out of CHOCOLATE? Experts predict treat will disappear in 30 years because cacao plants are perishing in the warm climate

Climate change could spell disaster for coffee?

For global water crisis, climate may be the last straw

Earth's resources consumed in ever greater destructive volumes

Water wars?

The Long Dry: Why the world's water supplies are shrinking (?)

Hack journalism at the NYT about rainfall

3.2 BILLION people will have a shortage of drinking water by 2050: Study warns that climate change will cause supplies to decrease by 60%

China expected to stop phosphate exports, food production prices set to rise

Sacked climate sceptic Dr. Peter Ridd loses High Court case

Climate Change May be good for salmon

Subsection: Particular years

2014: Another "hottest" year (Maybe)

Amusing: Another "hottest" year

The Warmist fraud gets ever more bald-faced -- "Hottest year" bulldust

Climate non-change: Global carbon dioxide emissions stall for second year in a row

Warmists have no shame. Temperatures 2015

Mauna Loa CO2 in 2015

A "smashing" one tenth of one degree! Ya gotta laugh

2015 Temperatures and CO2

February 2016 global temperature rise proves nothing

Global warming is causing a 'fundamental change' in the world's weather UN warns

That 14.8C degrees current global temperature again

2016: Historic Year for Climate (?)

Media worldwide report another "hottest year" in 2016

An end-of-year Australian climate report for 2016

2016 weather report: Extreme and anything but normal (?)

Global carbon emissions stood still in 2016, offering climate hope

Even without an El Nino kick, 2017 heads for top-three ranking for global heat

Experts say 2017 hottest year

Subsection: Sea Levels

Sea Levels: Those moving goalposts again

Coastal flooding: Bob "sea level" Kopp is at it again

Al Gore eat your heart out: Another example of a sea-level FALL

Animation reveals the global sea level 'fingerprints' that show how climate change is affecting Earth (?)

Satellites show warming is accelerating sea level rise (?)

Atmospheric CO2 levels hit a record high in 2016: UN warns increase could fuel a 20 metre rise in sea levels and add 3°C to global temperatures

Who is right? Judith or Nils Axel?

Taro: The vanishing island (?)

The non-science guy doesn't know that Miami is sinking

High tide at Fort Denison in Sydney Harbour

Pacific nations spooked by climate scare

Epic sea level rise drove Vikings out of Greenland

Barrier Reef islands are GROWING

Subsection: "Psychologizing" the climate skeptics

Lewandowsky is again torturing the facts in an attempt to prove that climate skepticism as an unreasonably fixed belief.

Stephan Lewandowsky: The de-published man. A psychopathic psychologist?

Amusing: Lewandowski revisited

The climate crook himself

Warmists can be amusing: Lewandowski in particular

Some cooked-up psychologizing about climate skepticism -- Comment on John Cook

Psychologizing skeptics, another episode

Scrambling to explain away who the skeptics are: Comment on McCright & Dunlap

The Streisand effect is kicking in -- a list of climate skeptics

Scrambling to explain away who the climate skeptics are

Yet another claim that somebody is "behind" climate skeptics or has "bought" them

An amusingly projective attempt to psychologize climate skeptics

Making Sense of Climate Science Denial

Social psychologists attack the "denier" accusation

Subsection: Arctica and Antarctica (Including Greenland)

The Arctic is leaking methane 200 times faster than usual: Massive release of gas is creating giant holes and 'trembling tundras'


High current snowfall in the Antarctic

Map of Antarctic vulcanism

As the ‘blue Arctic’ expands thanks to global warming, an icebreaker finds no ice to break (?)

The enigmatic Arctic

The Antarctic peninsula is COOLING

Even the Antarctic peninsula is cooling

How to lie with statistics: Climate change is turning Antarctica GREEN

Greenland data fiddle

What does Greenland's Petermann glacier tell us?

Greenland's coastal ice is losing mass -- which is projected to raise global sea levels by a whole 1.5 inches by 2100

The bits of Greenland that melted 20,000 years ago are the same bits that are melting today

normous Iceland glacier Okjokull has VANISHED in three decades thanks to soaring temperatures in the Arctic

I visit the Australian Antarctic Division, a sprawling space station-like complex on Hobart’s southern fringe, for a briefing from its director, Kim Ellis

Scientists warn polar bears are inbreeding due to climate change

Greenland hokum

Australia's Great Barrier Reef

Coral reef alarmists can't keep their story straight

Tell me the old old story about wicked mankind and coral reefs: Pandolfi and Bellwood

Hoagy and resilient coral reefs

Great Barrier Reef coral bleaching at 95 per cent in northern section -- attributed to global warming

Warmists just LOVE the Barrier Reef: It enables them to tell SO many lies.

Coral bleaching: Australia scrubbed from UN climate change report after government intervention

Great Barrier Reef coral bleaching could cost $1b in lost tourism (?)

Scientists alarmed after Great Barrier Reef is hit by a SECOND year of coral bleaching

Falling Sea Level was the Critical Factor in 2015/2016 Great Barrier Reef Coral Bleaching!

"Global coral bleaching event that has lasted three YEARS has finally ended - but reefs are still fighting for their lives"

Why did physicist Dr. Ridd conclude that corals thrive in warmer water and will flourish as global warming increases?

Great Barrier grief: Coral 'cooked to death' in scorching summer heatwave

Another Greenie shriek about the Great Barrier Reef -- farm runoff

The desperate lies of Australia's Marine Conservation Society

Government could fund Peter Ridd’s fight against Greenie crooks at James Cook University

Australia downgrades outlook for Great Barrier Reef to 'very poor'

Dr. Ridd: James Cook University wins unlawful sacking decision

Coalition argues over farm regulations to boost Great Barrier Reef health

Most interesting: Sea levels fall in Northern Australia

Sunshine Coast coral reefs thriving as COVID dive project uncovers 'enormous amount of coral'

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