Index to my shorter articles -- Part 8


Female IQ findings: O vast incorrectness!

Sternberg's "triarchic" theory of intelligence

IQ: Another shonky "study"

Curlypet has a new book out

Changes in IQ -- the Flynn effect

Birth order does not affect IQ

Strange new IQ study and the effect of age

The genetics of reading ability

Racial differences in intelligence reviewed in a mainstream psychology journal

Some academic articles on IQ: abstracts from the journal Intelligence

Dr. Frank Ellis: A man who spoke an unspeakable truth

Flynn the fool: Hanging his hat on the Eyferth study

The best measures of IQ also differentiate blacks and whites most strongly

Melanesian IQ

Skin colour and brain activity genetically linked?

"Why Liberals and Atheists Are More Intelligent" (?)

Is the Brain Like a Muscle, Really?

IQ and ideology: A little puzzle

Amusing crap about IQ: A murder in your area lowers your IQ?

That old hatred of IQ again

IQ rediscovered -- including its heritability and its link to social class

Israel, India, China and IQ

That dreaded IQ again: Satoshi Kanazawa

The latest bit of bright-eyed optimism about IQ

Nisbett answered by Rushton & Jensen

Leaky Jonathan has discovered Nisbett

Kristof of the NYT thinks he has made a great discovery

The NYT and IQ again. Kristoff on Nisbett

Motivation and IQ among blacks

The Obama effect: Have blacks in general suddenly become smarter?

Another potshot at conservative IQ

"Smart fraction" theory

Another lame attempt to wriggle out of the Race/IQ correlation


Race, IQ and wealth: A preliminary reply to Unz

Some more observations about Ron Unz and IQ

Mexican IQ is probably bimodal

IQ tests are 'meaningless and too simplistic' claim researchers -- comments on Hampshire

Does poverty reduce your IQ?

IQ and the Richwine affair

The Flynn effect resolved

Kees Jan can't: "cultural load"

Genetics and politics

Nutrition and IQ

Black Brain, White Brain?

Quick thinkers are born not made: The speed at which we process new information is written in our genes

The Swedish brothers IQ study

The Swedish study of wealth does NOT disprove genetic influence

Your poverty is in your brain

The association between intelligence and lifespan is mostly genetic

The chimpanzee effect confirmed

IQ differences between populations are genetic

IQ, Sex roles and tradition: A reflection

Is a meritocracy closer than we think?

Breastfeeding and IQ

Are firstborns smarter?

IQ and health: More discomfort for the Left

Poverty and IQ again

Does poverty reduce your IQ?

Ho Hum! More Leftist nonsense about IQ -- from Oliver James

Are high IQ people socially inept?

Religion and intelligence. Edward Dutton's findings

How to study IQ when you are not studying IQ

WHAAT? Premature babies are brighter??

People like people -- but high IQ people need their solitude

Why the high intelligence of Indian Americans?

More genes linked to IQ

What I want you to know about my 'gifted' son

More nonsense research on IQ. Are high IQ people more racist?

Academic says people who are against legalising gay marriage are 'not intelligent enough to take part in meaningful debate' (?)

We're just too clever to find a boyfriend! It may sound insufferably smug, but these women say their high intellect means they struggle to meet someone

Another squirm about IQ

IQ: Matzo with sauce get it nearly right

The EQ dream

Smart people are less likely to go mad

IQ: It's all in the genes

The rise and fall of average IQ test scores

Genetic Intelligence Tests Are Next to Worthless (?)

For James Watson, the Price Was Exile. At 90, the Nobel winner still thinks that black people are born intellectually inferior to whites

Wealth is less to do with hard work or luck and more to do with your genes, DNA study shows

IQ and achievement

Does black IQ matter?

"Cracker" culture and black under-achievement

IQ and factor analysis

The pathetic standard of Leftist argumentation about black IQ: Metcalf

The NYT acknowleges genetic differences

Mainstream sense on IQ

Levitt on IQ

Gladwell on IQ

New IQ data show that the Flynn effect is now dead

I make men take an IQ test – if they don’t pass, I ditch them

What If Black People Are Just Stupid?

How malleable is IQ?

Lower Cognitive Ability Predicts Greater Prejudice Through Right-Wing Ideology?

Aging and the brain

IQ within and between groups

Looking for Flynn effects in a recent online U.S. adult sample: Examining shifts within the SAPA Project


Are we seeing the collapse of Muslim civilization? And is that disturbing?

Some post-Christmas thoughts on Christianity versus Islam

Muslim "lone wolves"

Explaining Muslim terrorism

Muslim Brutality versus the Western tradition

Muslims and Hispanic illegals: Can we judge the present by the past?

Muslim anger and global warming

Like Most People, President Obama Gets The Crusades Wrong

Islam's great gap -- 650 to 800 AD -- and the destruction of Roman civilization. Was North African piracy the revenge of Carthage?

Islamic radicalism blamed on "conservatism"

Psychologizing Jihadis

Why Islamic aggression and violence? The Left have no answers

Now New Matilda is defending the Paris terrorists

Sex as a motivator and its role in Islam

Australian conservative politician wants to combat adverse opinions about Muslims in Australia

Do we need a civilizational regress to deal with militant Islam?

Anti-Muslim feeling is associated with LEFTISM

Democracy is not for everyone: Life was BETTER under Saddam Hussein, Iraqis say

The Real Reason the Islamic State Successfully Recruits Fighters

A far-Left Australian Jew on Muslim homosexuality

Why is it that only a tiny minority of Muslims in the Western world take up terrorism?

Muslims are the sea in which the Jihadi fish swim

The Scanlon report sets out to get the survey results it wants -- underestimating opposition to Islam in Australia

America's melting pot and America's Muslims

Two words that may not be spoken in the same breath: "Muslim" and "gay"

London Closes 500 Churches; Opens 423 New Mosques. The creeping Islamization of London is almost complete, with hundreds of official sharia courts operating in the capital, and mosques opening where famous Christian churches have stood for many hundreds of years.

The 2019 massacre of New Zealand Muslims by Brenton Tarrant

"Islamophobia" and antisemitism

Why Do Liberals Love Hamas So Much?

Jews and Israel

Abuse as a response to threat

Are antisemites mad?

The Church of England and Die Judenfrage

Is God a racist?

The fate of the Jews

"Some of my best friends are Jews"

Why oh why do a few Jews make it hard for Jews generally??

I'm at it again: "Die Judenfrage" and religious identity

Why Jews Vote Democratic – Redux

Are Jews a nation?

Jews need allies

Jews as a race

Jews and victimology

How ancient is Judaism?

More on the antiquity of Judaism

Another small meditation on antisemitism

The Sabbath

The death of a Jew-hater: Rachel Corrie

A wicked proposition

Richard Wagner's Jewish Friends

Why do American Jews vote Democrat?

The Passover and Jewish endurance

ACLU defends anti-Israel speech

Is criticism of Israel antisemitic?

The hateful extremism of the British government

Do the Ashkenazim share some genes with Palestinian Arabs? Journal axes gene research on Jews and Palestinians

The ADL has lost its way

The biggest enemy of Gazans is HAMAS

Why do many Leftists hate Jews?

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