Index to my shorter articles -- Part 9


Leftist rage at the light

The Leftist Group Identity Obsession is thinly veiled Racism

Kudos, ancient and modern

Truman and Hiroshima

Those who will not learn from history.... "Gemeinnutz vor Eigennutz!"

The Marxist origins of genocide

Leftist hate feeds on false stereotypes. They invent grossly defamatory stereotypes to make their anger seem reasonable

Journalists have tended Left for long time

Leftist reliance on lies

Leftist idealism and the Fabians

Denial of reality entrenched in Leftists

Leftist anti-science

Leftism rots the brain (again)

An amusing Leftist evasion about Christian faith and abortion

Genetic defect identified in Leftists

Germany's "Democratic Party" in the 1930s

For Leftists, hate takes the place of knowledge

Leftism and hate

Tony Judt and the confusion of the modern Left

Leftists and the armed forces

Leftist emotional insensitivity

LOL! Leftist philosophers tie themselves into a knot

Brains differ in liberals, conservatives

Conservative and liberal brains again

Are Liberals More Open-Minded Than Conservatives?

"Love me. I'm a liberal"

An interwar German novel was the forerunner of a great Leftist lie: Margaret Mead

The Left do NOT mean well

A small reflection on the constant Leftist call for unity

Lakoff reinvents the wheel

Weltbuergertum (World citizenship)

Dickens the social reforner

The genetics of politics

Acemoglu and yet another of the Left's implacable attempts to deny the reality of racial differences

What are the Origins of Power, Prosperity, and Poverty? Acemoglu again

The deplorable Daren Acemoglu for a Nobel?

There are TWO elephants in Acemoglu's bedroom

Ideology and "what works"

Bipartisanship: It takes two to tango

Why did the Left stop being patriotic?

"Alles muss anders sein"

The habitual dishonesty of the Left is a huge political problem

Prevalence of psychopathy in politics

America has always been Leftist

Has America always been Leftist?

Leftist America -- another view

"Hate speech" and hate-crime

Liberals focus on happy thoughts? Really?

Mandela's motives

Conservatives are From Mars, Leftists are From Venus (?)

Nationalism is Leftist

Socialism and the individual

Disney opera by Philip Glass: An unsympathetic view of America

Leftists are cold bastards

Leftists don't understand much


Leftism as neophilia

Leftism and the causal arrow: Poverty and status-striving misunderstood

Proof that liberals are sheep

Freedom: In Zigeunerliebe and GWF Hegel

Selective attention to the facts from the Left once again: "New Matilda"

Differences Between Left and Right: Is man naturally good?

The recent large pivot Leftward of the Democratic party

Hate-filled do-gooders

Who are the haters? A splendid example of projection from the Left

More on a liking for order

Bob Santamaria: A closet Leftist?

Was Santamaria a Fascist?

An analysis of the Left from the Left by James Bloodworth, a British Trotskyist

Hate speech, hate crime and Intellectual feebleness at James Madison university

How your tweets can betray your politics: Liberals use swear words on Twitter while those on the right discuss religion

Leftist moral blindness rolls on at Australian Leftist webzine

Leftists happy? Another Leftist attempt to deny the obvious

Psychologists discover the truth of an old conservative saying: "A conservative is a liberal who got mugged last night"

Does Leftism promote social peace?

'Whitesplaining': what it is and how it works

Brown U's Editorial Board 'Deeply Troubled' by Politician's Denial of 'White Privilege'

Leftism driven by a fantasy of Eden

Emotionality as the enemy of caution

Some history of the "Jim Crow" laws: They were Leftist laws

Cecil Rhodes -- A symbolic attack on the past

Far-Left blindness: Liz Conor

A Leftist view of patriotism

Equality of respect is possible (mostly)

Fascism in the open -- with Hillary

Deconstructing "inclusivity"

Oswald Spengler and "Ethical Socialism"

A "caring" society

Leftist logic and the Dakota access pipeline

Why the howls over Clinton's defeat?

Do as I say, not as I do

What the elite mean by Fascism

White privilege as a Nazi concept

White "Privilege" again

More on privilege: Groups do matter


Leftist psychologists never learn

What I think about homosexuals

COMPASSION AND POLITICS -- or is it elitism in politics?

Rethinking the Plight of Conservatives in Higher Education: Findings that run against the grain of assumptions

Liberalism and Low Self Esteem

Does Christ influence Leftists too?

Clinton wisdom?

Jimmah has left the Baptists

"Trumpileaks" and Leftist flexibility

Envy of success-- and Miss DuPont's wedding

Deconstructing the equality mania

Inside Hillary Clinton’s Secret Takeover of the DNC

Plain truth can be hate-speech on Quora

Safe spaces for Leftists only

The role of specialization in progressivism

Why Mark Lilla's critique of Identity Liberalism was rejected

The Saker -- An older type of Leftist

Does hate speech lead to hate crime?

Australia’s inequality crisis: Oxfam paper

‘Larry’s Letter’ is muddle-headed

Leftists are born unhappy

The ultimate feat of projection: Leftist academics describe conservatives as being like Leftist academics

Lauren Southern needs a new t-shirt. Breaking out from political correctness

Richard Moon, Distinguished University Professor, University of Windsor, wants to to limit free speech

Apartheid warriors

A Leftist admits Leftist hypocrisy but says it is justified

Jon Burge, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz and Brazil

East Germany and the Menzies era

Unsheltered In the Land Of Plenty

All babies are born equal, no matter their race or class (?)

Equality of results versus equality of opportunity

Voter ID laws do NOT affect minority turnout

Obama judges have cleared the way for Trump judges to block completely all future Democrat initiatives

Some limitations of Leiter

Senator faces vilification trial

Boston's Metco program will now bus random minority students into suburban schools

The Death of Patriotism -- on the Left

Why the Leftist obsession with the penis?

Speech is about power

The NYT on free speech

YouTube: How to cure their Leftist bias

Inside a far-Left organization

Twitter is working with academic researchers to decide whether it should ban white supremacists from its platform

Political disagreements between couples

The causes and cures of poverty

Another Leftist housing scheme fails

Wealth taxes

Zuckerberg on free speech and hate speech

Are the Left now toning down the hate?

The Business Case for More Diversity -- is crap

Diversity as a snark

Liberals Beyond Stupid

Can the Left overcome its patriotism problem?

An addled attack on the elderly

Jason Murphy launches another attack on the elderly, home-owners in particular

Psychopaths in the army and in politics

Lord Baden-Powell statue to be torn down over Hitler ties

'Times have changed': Push for Australia's iconic Coon cheese to be renamed because of its use as a racial slur

The Myth of Voting One’s Pocketbook

The Great Reset: Wild new coronavirus conspiracy theory takes hold

A Word on "Cultural Marxism"

Traffic disruption as a form of Leftist attention seeking

Leftism as a mental infirmity

What’s fueling America’s political rage?

Not so silenced

I am a dyed-in-the wool conservative. Should I be concerned that "the arts" are largely dominated by the political Left?

How Mussolini invented Fascism

Can Leftists recognize the difference between fact and falsehood?

“Distrust of Government” is Bad for You, Claims Study

Leftism is fickle

How Political Bias Explains Everything

Fentanyl and the breakdown of order in Seattle

Leftism is fickle

The Nazi boogeyman

The Leftist Personality: Left-Wing ideology as a biological phenomenon

Defining "woke"

The Feelgood versus the rational

Whence the sudden mania about transsexualism?

Are Leftists narcissists?

New Research, Psych Experts Call Left-Wing Leaders ‘Psychopathic’

'Progressivism': The Modern Zeitgeist

Mr. Obama

Naughty Obama Mamma -- photographs

Naughty Obama Mamma -- 2012 Update

Obama's birth certificate

More on the Fascist element in Obama's appeal

More on the Fascist resonances in obama

More on Obama as the heir to Fascism

Stanford Study purports to demonstrate that racism is a reason why Obama policies are failing

Obama as Nero

Lessons from Obama: America now has THREE legislatures

Must not find Mrs Obama unattractive

Eugenics: An embarrassed silence and a hidden history

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