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16 October, 2021

Protest comes to Brisbane

The Covid restrictions have long been very mild in Brisbane -- not remotely as severe as what the people of NSW and Victoria have had to suffer. So protests been muted so far. But the instinct for freedom has not been suppressed among Australians. So it is heartening to see anti-lockdon protests rising up despite much official and Leftist opposition.

I have myself been vaccinated some time ago but I think compelled medical treatment of any sort stinks to high heaven. Governments have frequently got health policies wrong so they should never be allowed to enforce their ideas

A great example of that is the case of Jehovah's Witnesses who would not let their children have blood transfusions. So laws were passed to compel transfusions anong children. But a study of adult survival after heart surgery showed that no Jehovah's Witness died of it but many others did. They have certainly had the last laugh -- and in consequence blood transfusions are now much more sparingly prescribed than they once were. Transfusions are themselves stressors to the body

Conflicting beliefs on the Covid vaccine have attracted thousands of people into Brisbane’s CBD as pro-vaccine protesters gathered near an anti-vaccine World Wide Freedom Day rally.

The pro-vaccine group stood at the front of Brisbane Botanical Gardens wearing masks and chanting “pro vax, pro health, anti fascist” and “anti vaxxers you can’t hide, you’ve got Nazis on your side”.

Anti-vaccine protesters stood behind a barricade of police officers. One anti-vaccine protester yelled back at the opposing side “the government is the real disease”.

Around 1500 showed up to the anti-vaccine rally along with a strong police presence.

T-shirt stalls were set up around the rally selling merchandise with slogans like “realise, real eyes, real lies”.

Anti-vaccine group The People’s Revolution ran the rally.

The group marched from QUT gardens about 1.30pm, down George St through the city to eventually loop back. Streets in the CBD were temporarily shut down by police for the march.

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