Index to my shorter articles -- Part 2

Biblical exegesis

My take on an ancient controversy: The apostolic succession

Why Genesis chapter 1?

Hellfire and the immortal soul are pagan doctrines

Do the Scriptures need interpreting?

Some more exegesis -- on hellfire

Predestination -- and a small reflection on the Calvinist culture into which I was born

The meaning of "soul" in the Bible

JOHN 8:58 does not necessarily mean what it seems . "Jesus said unto them, "truly I say to you, before Abraham was, I am". (RSV).

The meaning of "amen" in the Bible

The afterlife -- Old Testament versus New

Camels: Bible critics assume what they have to prove

Fred Phelps was true to the Bible

Whence the New Testament canon?

Bible study resources

Black dolls used to represent the baby Jesus in two Australian nativity scenes

1 Peter chapter 1:3-5

Did Jesus really speak in the mystical manner portrayed in John 14?

John 1:1 -- one more foray

The origin of Genesis chapter 1

Are the 10 Commandments in Exodus 20 an interpolation?

The puzzle of Genesis 1:6-9 and Sumerian cosmology

Has Judas been misunderstood?

Does Matt. 5:38-41 command pacifism?

Note to Margaret Court: the Bible isn't meant to be read that literally -- about homosexuality

Bring back the church militant?

Homosexuality: The scripture that the mainstream churches can't find

Arabian gold

The Pope is right

Is Sunday the Sabbath?


The success of Anders Behring Breivik

"Psycho-analysing" terrorist Breivik

Breivik wins again

Was Breivik inevitable?

The Breivik salute

Christianity and religion generally

Wow! A piece of psychological research that favours Christians!

Some rambling reflections on the flexibility of denominational loyalty among the Protestant laity

Is Protestantism of New Testament or of German origin?

Are religious people better adjusted psychologically?

How did religion evolve?

Does religion rot your intelligence?

Religious people are 'less intelligent'?

Religion and theology. Bultmann


People who are less reflective are more religious?

Deranged Leftist hate of Christians

Religion and social health

A favorite hymn: "LIGHT'S GLITTERING MORN".


Is monogamy Biblical?

Is the Pope a Protestant? Discussing the first major document issued by the new Pope -- EVANGELII GAUDIUM

Protestant/Catholic rivalry not what it was

I am outraged at the spinelessness of the Presbyterian church in Queensland

Religion and morality

The "Nazi" Pope. Pius XII

A true man of God and a righteous Gentile

A foolish Pope? Projected Papal encyclical on global warming

The encyclical "Laudato si" by Pope Francis

Is the Pope a Fascist?

Are you an atheist? Non-believers 'lack empathy' while religious people are less intelligent, claims study

How different are Jehovah's Witness beliefs?

What influence does religion have?

Do religious people understand the world LESS? Study claims belief in God makes you struggle with reality

Weasel words from the Salvation Army

Hate speech is acceptable in Trump’s America – as long as it comes from Christian fundamentalists (?)

A bishop, a Cardinal and now a Pope: Unproven accusations

Australian churches and their institutions are generally legally free to hire and fire on religious grounds regardless of anti-discrimination law

The strange death of Protestant Britain

Why a great Protestant hymn breaks my heart

Are American evangelicals fading away?

The case of His Eminence Cardinal George Pell

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