Index to my shorter articles -- Part 4

Economic issues

House prices hurting Australia and nation's policies making it worse

Why does Australia pay McDonald's workers more?

Opening up Australia's empty North to settlement and farming

Why investors are leaving 90,000 Sydney homes EMPTY and thousands more in Melbourne

Olives from Spain and tomatoes from Italy: Why?

Principles, Personalities and free trade

Does a private school education justify the extra money that it costs in Australia?

"A tide of privatization"? A prejudice in search of some facts

"Food security" -- wotta lotta ...

"Divestment": The Green/Left is trying to put money into the hands of bloated capitalists

This food shortage BS never stops

Australian Report Predicts Global Coffee Shortage Will Get Worse

Equal pay for equal work? No tsank you! As Harry Lauder used to say

Agricultural subsidies are bad for your pocket but are they also bad for your health?

What caused the Industrial Revolution?

Some jargon and a triumph of capitalism

Are immigrants economically desirable?

Australia isn’t the only country caught in a housing bubble

Race, IQ and wealth: A preliminary reply to Unz

Your poverty is in your brain

Poverty and IQ again

Material success and social failure? The Wilkinson & Pickett work

Why no increase in living standards?

Is it wrong for Western firms to make agricultural investments in Third world countries?

Why is Northeast Asia poorer than the USA?

Vladimir Putin and the limits of Russia's industrial base

Why is Northeast Asia poorer than the USA? Is it a problem that some big companies pay little tax? A case for a turnover tax

The Greek situation: A workshy and parasitical nation finally hits the buffers

Negative gearing: The Left never learn

A cogent challege to minimum wage orthodoxy

Where has that inflation gone?

Major Douglas and the "Social Credit" cult

Are there costs which outweigh the benefits of free trade?

Will N.E. Asia eclipse Caucasians by the end of this century?

The U.S. Federal debt

My experience buying boots is the perfect example of why retail is declining

Minimum Wage hikes don't cost jobs (?)

Real estate lessons from Tokyo?

Does poverty cause suicide?

Herrnstein & Murray are still right -- and very relevant to the healthcare debate

You Will Lose Your Job to a Robot -- and Sooner Than You Think

Capitol Hill GOP Spending Like Obama Is Still President

Farm Subsidies and the Farm Bill: Truth vs. Fiction

The Australian Senate must not pass large company tax cuts: Oxfam

$119,050,900,000: Merchandise Trade Deficit With China Hit Record Through April. Implications

Can unemployment go lower?

The stupid Leftist dream of "affordable housing"


Some reflections about education

Does Australia have poor quality teachers?

Sustainability Gone Wild in colleges and universities

"Free" university education for the poor: Was that first brought to to Australia by a Leftist government?

Is this the ultimate dumbing down of education? Has educational success now become just a popularity contest?

No math gene: Learning mathematics just takes practice (??)

A nasty memory of bigoted Leftism among American academics

Deep dishonor in America's Leftist academe -- Duke U


The great credential race

Does a private school education justify the extra money that it costs in Australia?

Training dummies as teachers is not the way to get good teaching

School nurses in Queensland

Bad schools: Bright British pupils do 50% worse if they're poor

Stop turning schools into training centres

The black/white education gap in Massachusetts continues

Just ONE HOUR of TV or internet use each night can damage a child's High School exam results (??)

Declining Student Resilience: A Serious Problem for Colleges

Can a good teacher be bad for you?

Rich eccentric takes on a racist university: Harvard and Ron Unz

Australia's cultural heritage: parents who despise education

Boston Latin needs more diversity?

Where there are fewer of them, kids do better in schools

Private school kids earn more, live in better suburbs and are happier on average, Australian analysis discovers

Pre-school to prevent delinquency?

"Safe Schools" is not a return to the Cold War (?)

The dilemma I faced when my daughter won a private school scholarship

Is educational discrimination ruining America?

Harvard's hatred of its clubs for male students

Harvard's hate of its all-male clubs, eliciting lawsuit threats

Ms Zuckerberg regrets: A "modern" view of the classics

A typical Leftist whine that ignores crucial facts

What Does a College Degree Get You?

Teacher quality

Taking a second look at the learn-to-code craze

How America Is Breaking Public Education (?)

Is a tax on rich universities likely to harm upward mobility?

Grandparents' education gives year 3 students huge boost

Dating app for people who went to private school slammed. A NEW app exclusively for people who attended a private school has been slammed as “elitist”, “classist” and “totally ridiculous”

School envy and State selective schools

UK: Oxbridge's lack of black students a 'staggering' failure, says universities minister

The true mission of the lawsuit against Harvard

Why are boys falling behind at school?

The Problem with Elite Education

Business management studies

Education is NOT the great leveller -- not in Britain, anyway

New push for children to start school at the age of three

Boston exploring new entrance test for exam schools

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