Index to my shorter articles -- Part 6


Female triumphalism

Sisters make you conservative?

Having sisters: Another elephant discovered

Are women who don't want children blue lobsters?

Debunking Myths about Gender and Mathematics Performance?

Whine! whine! whine! Would YOU be devastated if you found that most physicists are men?

Is the female of the species really more intelligent than the male?

Julia Gillard: A failed feminist flop and a warning to women in politics

Feminists will always be a disgruntled minority of harpies huddled in a corner moaning to one-another Will feminism produce great works of art?

It takes a woman .... to scratch another woman's eyes out

"Women's spaces" -- segregation, apartheid?

Psychologists preaching feminism again

Dads Who Do Dishes Raise Ambitious Daughters(?)

Feminism as a form of racism

Male/female body-type preferences

As a controversial book says women who’ve never wed should treasure their freedom... is it possible to be a happy spinster?

Some biology that feminists ignore

Are feminists mentally ill?

Australian feminist gets a man fired for free speech

Some typical feminist lack of perspective

Yes means Yes and No means No -- except when you are Ched Evans

Feminist, Em Rusciano, wants to censor Mark Latham

Female computer science professor blasts the sexist geeks she says show 'staggering' bias against women

Foolish Aboriginal model wants acceptance as a model only

British footballer Ched Evans cleared of rape charges, following retrial. Feminists furious

Hillary not stopped by a glass ceiling

Feminist lack of reality-contact again

How to deal with sexual harassment

Women’s Mental Health and Well-being 5 Years After Receiving or Being Denied an Abortion: A Prospective, Longitudinal Cohort Study

Rough old feminist broad wants more imperial honours for women

Is feminism incompatible with romance?

Shortage of eligible men has left women taking desperate steps to preserve their fertility, experts say

Equal pay for equal work? No tsank you! As Harry Lauder used to say

Where have all the good men gone? These sassy, sophisticated, solvent women say they are struggling to find other halves that can measure up

Google Manifesto: Does Biology Explain Gender Disparities in Tech?

We're just too clever to find a boyfriend! It may sound insufferably smug, but these women say their high intellect means they struggle to meet someone

Female beauty

Fat and neurotic feminist needs a dash of Pauline wisdom

2018 Will Be the Year Feminists Target Little Boys

Feminism is leading to democide

#MeToo isn’t enough. Now women need to get ugly (?)

Sexual harassment in Hollywood

Treat women with respect

Why American men are getting less marriageable

Could an overweight woman with a facial deformity and wearing a boiler suit win the Miss America competition?

Why I favor the Equal Rights Amendment

Smart women need to marry down to become mothers because there aren't enough smart men to go around, researchers warn

Australian culture is backward? Only from a feminist viewspoint

The transgender posse vs. Scarlett Johansson -- and "trouser roles"

Proof that girls and boys are born to be different: Study finds that brain differences between the sexes begin in the womb

'Fearless Girl' arrives in Melbourne

Deciphering "gender"

Why 'Joker' Is Being Called A 'Toxic Rallying Cry For Incels'

Marriage rates are on the decline because of fewer 'economically-attractive' men as women are focused to choose between remaining single or 'settling' for less successful partners

Women are more likely to have male jobs in POOR countries

Feminists are sexy, rubbishy study finds

Women board members increase businesses' profits tenfold, report finds

I Hate Men is the title of a young woman's new book which officials tried to ban as an incitement to hatred - but the author (a French bisexual blogger) is a mass of contradictions who happily makes brownies for her mild-mannered husband

Psychologist reveals why boys and girls SHOULD be raised differently

Are short women attractive to men only because they look like they are easier to 'physically dominate and CONTROL'

Misogynistic 'radicalisation' of boys online has these experts calling for change

London police chief Cressida Dick told to resign to restore women’s confidence in police

Do children's books encourage gender stereotypes? Titles with a male protagonist tend to focus on professions and tools, while those led by a female centre on affection and communication, study claims

Are short women attractive to men only because they look like they are easier to 'physically dominate and CONTROL'

Dodgy sex: Australian Parliament House is no different to other workplaces

Why young women aren’t smiling for you any more

Incels are a rising threat in the US, Secret Service report finds

The game of marriage chicken

Why girls’ schools succeed at producing women who lead

Why the sexual revolution has been a disaster for women today - but a gift for men

I'm a proud stay-at-home girlfriend: Here are my rules

The Problem of Patriarchy Finally SOLVED

Who is Andrew Tate and why is he banned from social media?

Is Andrew Tate a traditionalist?

The great androgyny myth rides again

Catholic women vent frustration over sex, power and abuse (?)

The hidden cost of sex for women

Andrew Tate is flooding Australian schoolboys with an aggressive ideology contemptuous of feminist correctness

It's not hate to allow women to have their own spaces and their own events

Are looks the whole of male-female attraction?

Men have a problem – and it won’t be solved by either Andrew Tate or Caitlin Moran

Some alternative thoughts on male/female dating in the internet era

Australian government effort to nip toxic masculinity in the bud.

Tradwife says marriage must be protected ‘at all costs’

The causes and cures of lethal male domestic violence

PETRONELLA WYATT: I'm single, childless and alone. Feminism has failed me and my generation

The Goodes episode in Australian football: Proof that Australians are racist?

Waltzing New Matilda again: Aborigines and Adam Goodes

Adam Goodes isn’t booed for the colour of his skin. He is booed for acting like a pillock

A Leftist martyr is born

Stan Grant on Adam Goodes

Attention-seekers using the Adam Goodes controversy to get publicity for themselves

Health, medicine and diet

Bex and the demonization of APCs

The diabetes boogeyman: Does diabetes make you fat rather than the other way around?

That evil diabetes -- weak social correlates

Eskimos, fat and food superstitions

THE GREENFIELD FILE -- The story of a fraud

The Avandia beatup

Claim: Mediterranean diet can add 3 years to your life... even if you don't start until you're 70 (?)

Check your carnist [meat-eating] ideology

Another nail in coffin of the antioxidant religion

Should we all live on beans?

Some fun with medical backflips

A Massachusetts omen for Obamacare

The diet dictators and sugar

Doctors: We were wrong. Fat is now OK in the diet

Is milk bad for you?

Spinning like a top over statins

UK: Food Fascism getting into high gear over sugar

Warning: Pregnant women may wish to avoid Tylenol/Panadol

WHO "research" showing bacon and red meat cause cancer ‘a farce’, says Australia’s Agriculture Minister (Rightly)

This should kill off the Statin religion (but it won't, of course)

The war on sugar -- another example of how governments are incompetent, careless and can't be trusted

Anti-Vaccination Cranks Versus Academic Freedom

Having a big family makes your children either badly behaved or low achievers at school, study claims

FDA, free Speech and Pharmaceutical Regulation

High doses of Vitamin D can be bad for you

The New England Journal of Medicine promotes research secrecy

Another medical scientist who has got no clue

The BPA scare again

Agricultural subsidies are bad for your pocket but are they also bad for your health?

Boy, eight, dies of SCURVY. Crazy parents or vicious social workers?

Are potatoes bad for you?

Obesity and the Mediterranean diet

Being fat does NOT kill you

New scare about hormone replacement therapy and breast cancer

Food faddism over fats kills Orang Utans

Beware PFOS! A big, loud, extraverted, blonde publicity hound comes to Australia to warn us about it

A new/old "privilege": Thin privilege

Vegetarians live longer but what does that tell us? Nothing basically.

Can a "correct" diet make you smarter?

The aluminium scare

"Healthy eating" censorship

School nurses: The Premier of Queensland is a liar

Eat as much steak and sausage as you like

The anti-salt craze is dying

Salt: killer or scapegoat?

The war on salt (NaCl) again

SALT -- SALT -- SALT: Dispelling the myths

"Frankenfoods" (GMOs) and the unfortunate Keith Kloor @keithkloor

The Mediterranean diet is good for elderly Scots (?)

Another brainless study about living near a highway being bad for you

Teetotalling is bad for you

A nod and a wink: Decoding academic text about diet and health

Maternal deaths and the elephant in the room: Obamacare

Another nail in the coffin of statins: They raise the risk of Type 2 diabetes by nearly a third

Is your blood pressure too high?

Public patients waiting four times longer than private patients for some operations at Australian public hospitals

The poor get sick sooner and die younger in both the USA and the UK

Trans fats: A failure of logic?

Will Posting Nutritional Information on Menus Prod Diners to Make Healthier Choices?

PFOS again: Professor ‘bragged about burying bad science’ on 3M chemicals

Greenies are cheering as research finds that air pollution gives you diabetes-- but does it?

Does being fat give you heart disease?

Political correctness destroys medical research

Are eggs bad for you again?

Is fast food bad for you?

Socialized Medicine: Saving Money By Killing Grandma

The haphazard care offered by Britain's NHS can kill

Do sweet drinks give you heart attacks?

Experts link diet soft drinks to ‘increase risk of heart attack, stroke and dementia’

Another grim week leaves private health insurance in Australia on life support (?)

Running can help you live longer. And more isn’t always better

If you get cancer in Australia you now have DOUBLE the chance of surviving compared to sufferers in Britain - Why?

Government health provision: Finland versus the USA

Some forms of hormone replacement therapy can LOWER breast cancer risk, research indicates

Star attacked for questioning coronavirus panic measures

Reaction to Coronavirus overblown

Coronavirus: Money or lives: at some point we must say ‘enough!’

Coronavirus: Why per capita deaths in Italy so vastly exceed deaths in America

Will the Coronavirus change the world for the better?

Women are genetically superior. Coronavirus is killing more men than women

President Trump should issue the Buy American executive order to end China’s control of our medicines

Does warm weather inhibit the Coronavirus?

Much-touted Bangladesh study of masks is a snark

GPs hit out at restrictions on supposed Covid treatment Ivermectin

Vaccine protest comes to Brisbane

Australian Woman Recounts Harrowing Experience of Being Held in COVID-19 Quarantine Camp

How a simple house renovation left a celebrated professor with just DAYS to live

A-B and heart disease foolishly revisited

Canada Is Euthanizing Its Sick and Poor. Welcome to World of Government Health Care

Is red meat bad for you?

A big climb-down for statin use

Covid: Natural immunity is best

Ibuprofen Kills Thousands Each Year, so What Is the Alternative?

Mediterranean diet rich in nuts, oils and leafy veg slashes risk of an early death in women by a QUARTER, study suggests (?)

Do masks work? Debunking the debunker: Pueyo's attempt to debunk Cochrane fails

Treason of the Science Journals

Sending little kids to childcare is not good for them

Novel Estimates of Mortality Associated With Poverty in the US

Dietary influences on colorectal cancer

Salt may increase risk of stomach cancer by 40%, study suggests

How junk food causes cancer - as Morgan Spurlock, maker of "Super Size Me", dies from disease aged 53

Cancer-causing microplastics are found in 100% of men's testicles in new study

Fresh health warning over ultra-processed foods as 30-year study warns they marginally raise your risk of an early death

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